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Wetfly BackCountry Tenkara Fishing Package – 12ft.


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Wetfly BackCountry Tenkara Fishing Package – 12ft.

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BACK COUNTRY Tenkara Series fly rods are built for the back country as well as the frequented stream. With a heritage reaching back hundreds of years, the Tenkara method of fishing originated through simplicity and a focus on catching fish with only the necessary components – rod, line, and fly. The telescopic nature of these fly rods and the omission of a reel allow the entire package to collapse into a 20-inch tube. There is no reel and the art of Tenkara fishing relies on the angler connecting to the fish while providing lifelike action to the fly. Once fished, Tenkara is found to be easier, simpler, more effective, affordable, and reduces the angler’s gear to what could be stored in a medicine bottle.

Kit Includes
•Wetfly Back Country Tenkara Series Rod - 7:3 Action (for both 12- and 13-foot models)
•Aluminum Rod Tube and Cloth Rod Sock
•One 12-Foot Furled Leader
•One Spool 5x Tippet
•One Spool Level Line
•One Dozen Carefully Selected Flies
•1 Premium, Laser-Etched Bamboo Fly Box

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