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Gunn&Hook Endorsed Adventures

What does it mean to be a Gunn&Hook Endorsed Adventure?

Best of the best – These guides and outfitters have been in business for a long time and are proven operators in the outdoor industry.

Exceptional operation – Nothing but quality from beginning to end: that's what separates Gunn&Hook Endorsed operations from the rest of the pack. Every moment of the experience is hand-crafted to be a world-class adventure.

Proven results – These guides have forgotten more about hunting and fishing than most ever learn. You're sure to have a successful and unique experience with a Gunn&Hook Endorsed Adventure.

We've been there – Every one of these operations has been personally vetted by a member of our team. They test the things we all care about when we book a trip: location, accommodations, food, facilities, gear and of course the animals.

We stand behind them – A Gunn&Hook endorsement means we stand behind a guide or outfitter 100 percent for all the reasons listed above. If we can't send our friends and loved ones on one of these trips, we won't send you either.

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