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Pine Ridge Archery Universal Quiver Holder

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Don't just hold your horses!

Pine Ridge Archery Universal Quiver Holder

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This item is typical of the innovative minds at Pine Ridge Archery Products. The Universal Quiver Holder makes storing your quiver easy while on stand. Many bowhunters prefer to shoot with their quiver off. However, finding a convenient place to hang it can be difficult. Secondly, if you happen to get a second shot opportunity, pulling an arrow out with one hand is tough. Pine Ridge Archery solved this problem. Simply screw the Universal Quiver Holder into your tree at a convenient location. Next, place your quiver in the groove and secure with the durable rubber strap. Your quiver is now held tightly enough for you to pull an arrow while still holding your bow. Plus, game will not be spooked by your bright colored fletchings waving in the wind.

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