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3-Day Waterfowl Hunting Trip in Alberta, Canada

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Quick Overview

This fun and exhausting waterfowl hunting trip will take you to Canada to reach your daily limit of speckled, snow and Canadian geese as well as pintails, widgeons, and several other duck species. Meals and lodging will be included in this perfect three day getaway.

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You will hunt within a 60 mile (100km) radius of McLennan in the heart of the Peace River country. McLennan is surrounded by agriculture, and the wheat, barley and pea crops provide the necessary ingredients needed to attract the migrating waterfowl. This outfitter is located in the Peace River Parkland area, which also creates the ideal setting and nutrients needed for the migrating ducks and geese. Migrating waterfowl are naive about decoys and blinds as they enter the Peace country.

Typical Day

Morning: The morning goose and duck hunt is exhilarating. Expect to be up early since the day will begin at 4:00 am, providing an opportunity to see the northern lights while enjoying a light meal. Thousands of geese and ducks fill the skies from early September to late October, so there is no shortage of waterfowl. This outfitter's blinds are extremely comfortable and allow for a great line of sight. These birds rarely shy from the decoys and blinds that are set up.

Afternoon: You will enjoy good food and share great hunting stories when you return from the morning hunt. After brunch you can relax, stretch your legs with a nature walk, grab a nap, or visit with friends until it is time to head out for the evening shoot.

Evening: If you haven't already reached your daily limit, the evenings are spent field hunting. With a very wide variety of waterfowl species in this area, you may have quite a mixed bag. After the evening hunt you will return to your accommodations for your evening meal and wind down from an exhausting day of hunting.

About the Area

This outfitter is located in McLennan, Alberta on Kimiwan Lake. McLennan is the bird capital of Canada, and home to approximately 900 people. The junction of the Peace River Parkland, the Mixed Woods Plains, and several waterfowl flyways meet at Kimiwan Lake, which means that the area has rich and diverse bird communities. The current checklist is at 233 species of birds that have been seen within 15kms of Kimiwan Lake. Each morning and evening the lake is alive with the noise and activity of birds coming and going to feed.

What's Not Included

• Hotel coming and going in McLennan, Alberta
• Hunting licenses are $180 CAD
• Liquor
• Gratuities for guides and hospitality staff

What to Bring

• Export permit for weapons
• Shotgun
• Ammunition
• Climate appropriate camouflage clothing
• Durable, comfortable boots
• Ear protection
• Binoculars
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Bag/backpack
• Personal care items
• Camera

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