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Nighttime Bowfishing Charter for 4 in Florida's Panhandle


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Quick Overview

Spice up your next Florida vacation with this nighttime bowfishing trip for up to four people. With a powerful light on the boat, you can expect to see an amazing amount of sea life including stingrays, flounder, redfish, speckled trout, small sharks and dolphins.

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This bowfishing charter covers the panhandle of Florida from Pensacola to Port St. Joe. With a powerful light perfect for nighttime fishing, you can expect to see an amazing amount of sea life including stingrays, cow nose rays, flounder, sheepshead, mullet, redfish, speckled trout, crabs, needlefish, small sharks, dolphins and numerous species of baitfish.

These bowfishing trips begin with a short lesson to familiarize you with the important safety aspects of this sport, including the archery equipment and the kinds of fish you may encounter. The lights on the boat are very powerful and will allow you to see in a wide arc around the front and sides of the boat. The lights will provide plenty of light to snap pictures of the sea life in the water so don't forget your camera. In fact, some customers opt not to harvest any fish at all and choose to take home only pictures. The front deck of the boat is large enough to accommodate several people at a time so everyone can get a great view.


The majority of shots that you will take will be at either stingrays or cow nose rays, although you will also get shots at mullet, sheepshead, black drum, flounder, needlefish and gar. Most of the rays you will shoot are able to be released unharmed after a quick photo session with the successful archer. Shooting and releasing rays is possible because of their body structure. All ray species have large wing areas with no vital organs in them and have tough hide and cartilage systems that are resilient; allowing them to absorb injury well. Although the outfitter releases the vast majority of rays that are shot, they will be happy to clean and keep a few for your group to try, since rays are edible. All of the other species that are shot make for excellent table food. The captains will help clean any fish you harvest and even offer advice on how to best prepare your fresh sea food.

The Outfitter

These captains have a lifetime of experience in navigating these waters and use the latest GPS technology to ensure you and your family or friends are always safe. Though the number of fish you take home depends on your skill in gigging or shooting them, you can expect to have dozens of opportunities to harvest fish throughout your trip with this outfitter. As with most non-sport fisher style boats, no bathroom facilities are on the boat. However, most of the boat ramps and marinas this outfitter launches from have bathrooms and the captains will gladly make a "pit stop" by a bathroom at any time if you need them.


These nighttime bowfishing trips usually last four hours, but longer trips can be arranged if you'd like. Trips begin at dark or whatever time is best for your group. You will meet the captains at one of several local boat ramps, which will be determined according to the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the trip. One of the captains will contact you the day of your trip to instruct you on what boat ramp your group will depart from. Also, if your vacation rental is on the water it may be possible to start your trip from there rather than a boat ramp. These captains are committed to making sure your trip is exactly what you hope it will be so if you have any special needs or desires be sure to ask; more often than not they can be accommodated.


Due to the visual nature of these trips, bowfishing can be wonderful for children. Even children too young to use archery equipment love seeing the vast amounts of marine life that are encountered. Bay systems are the largest aquariums in the world! All children under 6 are required by law to wear a PFD (life jacket) at all times while the boat is underway; which will include your entire trip.

What is Included:

• Fishing licenses
• Bottled water
• Ice for your catch and for your snacks and/or drinks
• Insect repellant spray (if you have a preferred kind, bring it)
• PSE Discovery 2 bow fishing bows w/ AMS Retriever reels
• Stainless steel gigs mounted on Boutwell bamboo handles
• Patient and enthusiastic captain(s)

What to Bring:

• Camera or video camera
• A light jacket, even during the summer months it can get chilly on the water at night
• A small cooler to keep your cleaned fish cool during your ride home
• Closed toe shoes (avoid wearing open toed shoes such as flip flops)
• Any snacks or drinks you may want during the trip
• Alcohol is allowed, but please drink in moderation
• Any medication that you may need due to an allergy or medical condition

The Outfitters Promise:

• To be on time
• To be upbeat, patient and enthusiastic
• To provide a safe, family friendly environment
• To do everything in their power to put you and your family or friends in the absolute best locations possible to harvest fish

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