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2-Day Group Sandhill Crane Hunt for 5 in North Texas

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Chase the wild life on this two day exclusive North Texas group sandhill crane hunt! These birds are called the "Ribeye of the Sky" for good reason. Despite their size and crane exterior, the sandhill offer wonderful table fare!

Sandhill Crane Hunting in Texas


Sandhill Cranes

This outfitter has several years of experience refining their techniques in the art of landing large flocks of sandhill cranes. They have two rigs fully equipped with stuffed sandhill crane decoys as well as a new crane decoy that was created by one of their hunting partners. They also have created a specific blind that the crane's are comfortable landing right next to or in front of. With this outfitter, you will hunt wheat fields, stock tanks, stubble fields, peanut fields, and just about anywhere else the cranes might be landing. All of the called shots are on cranes landing in the decoys, so there will be no pass-shooting cranes. Here, you will have access to hundreds of thousands of acres in the rolling plains of Texas where 250,000 cranes winter every year.

For more info on hunting these challenging birds, check out '5 Tips for Sandhill Crane Hunting' on the Outdoor Journal.


You will have access to a newly renovated lodge that sleeps twelve, a renovated bank that sleeps three, a cowboy bunk house that sleeps four, the cook house that sleep five, the Wagon John's house that sleeps eight and the Whitley house that can sleep six.


The outfitter will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast consists of eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes and rolls. Lunch is either hamburgers and hot dogs or cold cut sandwiches. Dinner ranges from steak and pork chops to chicken fried steak and BBQ. They will match up your menu according to each groups taste.

What to Bring

• Camo shirt, paints, jacket and warm hat
• Hunting boots
• 12 Gauge lead shot shells - high brass # 5 or 3" turkey loads #5 (it's legal to shoot cranes with lead shot)
• Camera/Go-Pro
• Warm gloves
• Small cooler for refreshments
• Personal care items
• Thermos for coffee
• Layered clothing

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