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Blacks Creek Remedy 7 "Grip" Frame Pack

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by Blacks Creek


Grip Frame Pack

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- 24"x 13"

- 4.75 lbs

- Adjustable Butterfly Harness

- Load Compression Flaps on sides

- Load Compression Shelf

- 1000 D Cordura Fabric Construction

- Ykk Bag Attachment Zippers

- Military Grade Hardware

- 5 Compression Straps

- Several R7 Pack Designs Can be Attached

      The "Grip" frame is a separate pack all by itself and has been designed to carry massive payloads. Its stout internal frame coupled with external frame components makes the "Grip" perfect for hauling meat or other loose cargo. The "Grip" comes with 2 load compression wings on either side and a load shelf to secure the load tightly to the frame. Loose de-boned meat or quarters will fit nicely on the "Grip" frame. There are no bags or compartment to restrict capacity. The "Grip" frame has an infinite amount of storage space.

      We designed  the "Grip" frame to detach completely from the bag of your choice for several reasons. First of all it allows you to choose any of our "Grip" frame friendly bags to fit your hunt or trip needs. If your needs change in the future you can purchase another "Grip" frame friendly bag without the added cost of the frame. This reduces the overall cost for all your needs. The second reason involves the compression and storage of the excess loads. Most pack makers design packs to carry the excess loads such as meat, on the inside of the pack. In our opinion, this does not solve your load hauling problems. It only makes them worse by creating a bloody mess inside your bag or by causing you to make several trips up and down the mountain to recover the rest of your gear that was left behind.

     Packs that have been designed to haul the access loads between the frame and the bag are good but restrict the amount you can haul if they are sewn to the frame. These designs make you use the bag that all your valuable gear is stored in to compress your access load. This is rough on your gear and not efficient. The "Grip" frame allows you to compress the access load tightly so it will not shift and will ride where it should. It does this by using the compression flaps and load shelf. Then the bag can be buckled back to the "Grip" frame snuggly without destroying the valuable gear you have inside. When the job is done, your "Grip" friendly bag is clean as a whistle on the inside and your "Grip" frame can be hosed down and left to hang dry for your next outing.

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