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Tandem Skydiving Jump East of Austin, Texas


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Quick Overview

A tandem jump lets you experience the thrill and beauty of skydiving with the security of an instructor right there with you. They are great for jumpers looking for the biggest thrill with the smallest time and money investment.

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Located in the country, a short one hour drive east of Austin, this is a great place to go when you need to get out of town. Take a day trip to these facilities and feel the wind blowing through your hair as you drop 10,000 feet toward the earth. It's been said that making a skydive is like taking a two-week vacation in the space of a few hours. That's especially true here. Here, you're off the beaten path, away from the asphalt and noise of the city. While waiting for your jump, enjoy our beautiful landscaping, free-ranging animals, and water feature. Our covered pavilion provides a shady, breezy spot to watch skydiving, picnic with your friends, or have a cookout. A grill and picnic tables are provided for your enjoyment. You can plan a birthday or graduation party to coordinate with your skydive. Adult beverages are welcome (after your jump).

About the Outfitter

This outfitter intentionally tries to stay as small as they can, so that they can give you the individual attention that will make your experience a life-long memory. Here, your instructor will know your name, your desires for the jump (Do you want to do flips? Do you want to help steer?), and your concerns. This is not a cattle-call environment, like those found at some larger facilities. We stay small and focus on the individual to allow our staff to help you perform your best. In addition, their pre-jump material will assist you in preparing for your adventure. No other DZ offers the detailed preliminary information which will be sent to you once you make your reservation. This will help you know what to expect, what to eat ahead of time, what you'll be asked to do, etc. All of these factors contribute to your comfort, which allows you to have the most fun. We understand that the point of skydiving is to have a great time, and we believe that this outfitter is one of the best companies to make that happen.

One-of-a-kind Drop Zone

As if having highly trained and attentive instructors wasn't enough, this drop zone also offers beautiful scenery away from the stress of the city. The facilities are in a rural setting, designed to give you a total and unique experience. From the aerial lake views, to the wildflowers, wildlife and beautiful landscaping, this will be an experience you'll remember. Feel free to stick around after your jump and enjoy the group facilities that make this a great place to celebrate a birthday or a job well done at the office. To keep things interesting, this company also has a flock of Guinea fowl, as well as chickens and roosters, that wander around the grounds doing their insect-eating throughout the day. The guinea fowl are an organic insect-control mechanism, eating pests such as grasshoppers and beetles. They also have burros, llamas, and alpacas, because...why not? It's best not to bring dogs to the drop zone, but if you do, they must be on-leash and under control before you open your car door.

Safety Record

Your safety is the number one priority and this company goes to great lengths to ensure a fun and safe jump. Their commitment to safety is apparent in their highly trained staff, new state of the art equipment, and the attention they dedicate to each student. All equipment surpasses the safety standards of the US Parachute Association and the Parachute Industry Association.

Highly Experienced and Certified Staff

This outfitter is affiliated with Skydive University, a rigorous program of "post-graduate" work for skydiving instructors. It only takes a basic USPA instructor rating to train students, but many of their staff continues their training and goes on to earn Skydive University Coach ratings. All jumps must be made with a single harness, dual-parachute system with both a main canopy and a reserve canopy. In other words, you have a spare parachute in case the first one fails to open properly.

What to Bring

Everything will be provided for by the outfitter. Just bring comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes, and extra cash if you would like a video of the skydive.

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