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Red Stag and Tahr Hunt in New Zealand

Outfitter: Gunn&Hook Exclusive Adventures

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A four day hunting experience that gets you up close and personal with New Zealand's venerable Red Stag AND Tahr.

Observe, meet and learn the different traits & characteristics of New Zealand's Big Red and witness first hand why these blokes are one of the world's greatest trophies. A must for any hunter. This package includes lodging and all meals!

We are a full service, hunting driven, tourism operation based out of a pristine wilderness property nestled in South Canterbury's world renowned Hunters Hills, home to arguably the finest big game animals in New Zealand.

We help our guests achieve their dreams by giving them an experience that captures the very essence of what hunting in New Zealand is all about. We do this through conservation, passion and the sheer natural beauty of New Zealand.

This hunt is 4 days, 3 nights and includes one red stag (up to 360 SCI), one tahr and one wallaby. You will be staying in world-class accommodations and all meals are included.

About Us

We are the first, and at this stage the only, guided hunting operation in New Zealand to be awarded an “Endorsed Visitor Activity Award for Hunting” by Tourism New Zealand. With this honour, we also received two Enviro Gold Awards. One for how we run our operation & environment and the other for our Alpine Eco Lodge, which also has Four Star Boutique Lodge status 3000 ft up the side of the Hunters Hills. Being the first to achieve the standards set by Tourism New Zealand and Outdoors New Zealand's OutdoorsMark is something we are extremely proud of as it embraces what we believe to be the safest yet wildest and eco-friendly hunting operation in the nation.

Founded in 1864, this property lies on the eastern face of the Hunters Hills. The Hunters Hills received their aptly suited name from the Māori leader Te Huruhuru who considered the area as his favourite hunting ground. One of the first places on earth to see in the new day, these venerable hills date back to the Palezoic Age (roughly 270 million years ago) and have been renowned hunting grounds since man first arrived on these shores. However, in those days it wasn't venison on the menu but Moa.

Why hunt with us?

We appreciate that traveling to New Zealand is a big decision. For starters, it's a long way away. To travel this distance you want things right, you deserve it after all. That’s why, the first two questions you are asking yourself before embarking on such a extraordinary journey are:

1) Who should I hunt with? And to be fair, when it comes to this question, that can be a bit like working on a mystery without any clues. Outfitters alike will will give you differing tales but with similar endings. And to be honest, we’re no different, like the rest, we believe our game and our operation to be up there with the very best. However, the one thing we all agree on is that New Zealand is the ultimate hunting destination. What you can see and do here is quite simply astonishing and in some circumstances, life changing. Which brings us to the second question…

2) Why should I hunt with them? We can give you three reasons as to why you can trust us with your New Zealand hunting experience. Firstly, your experience is assured. We have not only set the bar but are continuing to raise the standard of guided hunting in New Zealand. We are the first and at this stage, the only guided hunting provider to have been accredited and endorsed by the New Zealand Government. This honour was achieved by earning Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold and Endorsed Visitor Activity awards. Qualmark helps deliver on the promise of 100% Pure New Zealand experiences as the world's first accreditation system to include both quality and environmental assurance. Qualmark is Tourism New Zealand’s official mark of quality. In achieving Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold, The property as well as the Lodge were assessed in five key action areas, focusing on energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, community activities and conservation initiatives. To have reached Qualmark’s Endorsed Visitor Activity status, we underwent a rigorous and comprehensive on-site evaluation against industry standards of best practice. This required the business to be independently reviewed under criteria focused on the specific service, facilities, safety and operating systems that the business has in place.

Secondly, it's the property itself. It is nestled in a pristine wilderness property in the famed Hunters Hills. The landscape here almost seems tailor made, not only for the hunter but for the animals themselves. This extraordinary 'hunting scene' is a big reason why the Hunters Hills are so celebrated. Coupled with our lodgings, the property really does capture the quintessential New Zealand hunting experience superbly. Our lodgings come with their very own chef with many years experience in the U.S.A and the Mediterranean who can produce all standards of cuisine and functions depending on our clients taste and preference. Being blessed with a 'backyard' such as - Te Wāhipounamu which is quite literally at our back door, our alpine hunting and fishing locations are second to none. And last but certainly not least, is our partnership with Calibre Taxidermy. This turn-key operation produces trophies of world class standards, exporting them to all corners of the globe. This collaboration provides the hunter with a ‘one stop shop’ that effectively keeps the entire event under one roof. It’s funny how getting away from it all, can lead to everything you’ve been missing. New Zealand may be a long way away but her rewards are great and we would love nothing more than to show this magnificent country and her bounty to you.


  • • Hunt for the Red Stag - Up to 360 SCI
  • • Hunt for a Tahr
  • • Hunting to get your "eye" in
  • • 4 Day Hunting Experience
  • • World Class Accommodations
  • • Lodge has received earning Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold
  • • Lodgings come with their very own chef

Special Terms

  • Want to upgrade your hunt?Give us a call!
  • Red Stag 360 - 390 SCI $10,000
  • Red Stag 390 - 420SCI $15,000
  • White Stag $18,500
  • Valid for the 2015 Red Stag Hunting Season
  • Also included: Wallaby hunting to get your ‘eye’ in.
  • Helicopter access for scenic glacier landing and transport into our Alpine Hunting areas is optional. From there, it’s all terra firma.

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  • • Hunt for the Red Stag - Up to 360 SCI
  • • Hunt for a Tahr
  • • Hunting to get your "eye" in
  • • 4 Day Hunting Experience
  • • World Class Accommodations
  • • Lodge has received earning Qualmark’s prestigious Enviro Gold
  • • Lodgings come with their very own chef

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