Wild pigs are a major issue these days. Introduced to this country several centuries ago, this non-native species very quickly spread to 45 of the 50 states and have wreaked havoc ever since.

Not only do wild pigs cause significant damage to infrastructures like crops, pastures, residential areas, and levees, but they also pose a real threat to native wild game populations. Farmers, ranchers and wildlife departments have tried everything when it comes to hog population control, but few tactics have proven as effective as the helicopter hog shoot.


Unlike other methods that take only a select few hogs at a time, helicopter eradication cuts a large swath through the population with every flight. Each year more and more people are catching on to helicopter hogging, and once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why.

Here are five reasons you need to scribble “helicopter hog hunting” on to your bucket list right now.


Robert Jones
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Robert handles Gunn&Hook's content marketing and is an avid bass angler and fly fisherman. He typically works remotely from the river bank.

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