I was on my way to New Mexico in November to build and install a skeet field, when the owner called me and said they were behind schedule pouring the cement. They expected to be about five days behind.

Luckily, I had the time open, and had remembered a special offer from Gunn&Hook about a late season elk hunt at a great price, so I decided at the last minute, why not?

I arrived a day later, with the lodge all to myself. On the second morning we spotted two nice bulls heading up the mountain just before sun-up. That afternoon, we stalked then waited for them, and sure enough they showed back up just as dark was upon us.

He asked if I could see the front bull, and said, ‘that’s your bull!’ So I took three long shots, hit him each time, but did not put him down. We went back for dinner to wait him out, then after three hours went looking for him.

We found the blood trail right were I shot at him but we jumped him, so we decided to wait till morning to look again. It was a long, agonizing night for me.

 The next morning we went back up the mountain and got back on his trail. We ended up finding him only about 250 yards up hill from were I had shot him.

My first elk ever, a nice 6×6, scoring just over 320.

Special thanks to my guides Ernest and Pete, and Pete’s mother for all the wonderful home-cooked meals.

So from now on, I always pay attention to my Gunn&Hook emails for specials where I might be installing some equipment, or looking for that last minute deal. Thanks Jay for offering such great deals.

Chris Ryan
Retriever Sporting Clays, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

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