Now that it’s officially spring time, the days are longer and the cold air is warming quickly, it’s time to pack away the winter gear for good and lock in your outdoor plans! Here are some suggestions.


It’s been said that there are really only three seasons: whitetail, bass and turkey. And two of them are going on right now! Spring turkey season kicks off for most of the country around the first of April, and there’s nothing better than that first sit of the season on opening weekend, when the birds are bold.

If you’ve done your preseason scouting and know where the roosts are, you’re set up for instant success. But don’t let that lull you into a sense of overconfidence. Show up early and get set up under cover of darkness, and start your calling with a locator call to see if the birds will talk to you from their roost.



Just as with the pre-spawn days, the period after bass finish spawning is a feeding frenzy. As they transition from beds to bigger water, bass will use creek channels to move from point to point, schooling and feeding all along the way.

Fish at the mouths of feeder creeks and coves, and look for signs of schooling and feeding activity like surface action, birds in the shallows and oil slicks (from all the bait getting chewed up). This is a perfect opportunity to get in a little topwater action in the lowlight hours as well.



From April thru August, Boca Grande Pass is home to the world’s largest tarpon population. Situated at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor on Florida’s southwestern coast, Boca Grande is a natural choke point for tarpon on their annual migration and a perfect place to ambush monster poon in depths reaching nearly 80 feet (the deepest natural pass in the state).

Definitely hire a local guide who knows all the ins and outs of this world class fishery (and the fish themselves), and try to make your charter happen on a weekday so you avoid the weekend tournaments happening during this time of year.


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Robert Jones
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Robert handles Gunn&Hook's content marketing and is an avid bass angler and fly fisherman. He typically works remotely from the river bank.