With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to take advantage of the mild temperatures, sparse crowds and your last chance to enjoy a little me-time outside before you find yourself on those non-hunting/fishing family vacations.

Axis Hunting

Most hunting seasons in North America end with the arrival of spring, simply because the animals are less active, the birds have migrated back home, and all the antlered animals like whitetail and elk are in velvet. All, that is, except the exotic axis buck.

axis buck

Axis deer, the most popular of the “Texotic” game animals introduced to the state from their native India, are flourishing by the tens of thousands in the hill country and south Texas, where the climate and habitat are favorable. Unlike native deer species, these animals shed their velvet beginning in May and are in hard horn for most of the spring and summer.

A unique trophy, axis deer make for an exciting hunt and awesome table fare.

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Topwater Fishing

Right after the bass finish their annual spring spawn, the shad, their favorite snack, start a spawn of their own. This ritual coincides perfectly with the bass’ habit of gorging themselves after their own spawn has concluded.

topwater fishing

Every night, from sun down to sun up, shad spawn in and around any hard structure they can find, which of course attracts large bass and lots of them looking for an easy meal. If you get out on the water early enough, before the sun peeks over the horizon, you’ll have a chance to catch this feeding frenzy and enjoy some of the best topwater fishing of the year. But you’d better hurry, because the action comes to a hard stop about 30 minutes after sun-up.

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King Salmon Fishing

Springtime in Alaska transforms the harsh wilderness into a paradise. Warmer days bring back vibrant colors, full rivers and streams, and possibly one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world: the annual king salmon run.

king salmon fishing

Peak season for kings begins mid-May and runs through July every year, with the first runs bringing fish up to 30 pounds up river. On rivers like the Kasilof and Kenai, May is the perfect time to spend several days fishing in near solitude, as the main crowds don’t start showing up until later in the summer.

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