While many sportsmen turn their attention to elk and white-tailed deer this time of year, those of us “in the know” head to the coast. This a great time of year to do some in-shore fishing for redfish and the speckled trout fishing ain’t too shabby either. The summer crowds are gone, it’s not as damn hot and the fish are hungry!


As the temperatures cool off and the days begin to shorten, speckled trout and redfish begin to move. Reds mass in large schools and the big bulls roam the beaches with some of the big bruisers moving up into the marsh as well. There is no question that your chances of catching a big bull red in the marsh are the greatest in October.

Redfish Hookup in the Biloxi Marsh

The speckled trout fishing can be phenomenal too as they’ve wrapped up their summer spawning and begin to transition to their winter pattern of working in the deeper water of bayous, canals and other deep holes. Specks are great table fare and the fall is the time to fill your freezer.


With all due respect to our friends in Texas, Florida and the Carolinas, for my money South Louisiana is unsurpassed for numbers and size of redfish. The speckled trout fishing is embarrassingly good too.

From the uninhabited Chandeleur Islands that form the easternmost part of Louisiana, to the outposts of Buras and Venice at the mouth of the Mississippi River, all the way to Calcasieu and Sabine Lake in the west there are thousands of square miles of pristine marshes and estuaries chock-full of specks and reds. There are many reputable speckled trout and redfish guides who can put you on fish and show you a good time.

The other thing Texas, Florida and the Carolinas don’t have…New Orleans. I try and plan all my fishing trips to Louisiana to include a swing through the Big Easy. In fact many of the top spots for specks and reds are within 30 minutes of the city – Shell Beach, Lafitte, Point a La Hache so you can stay in the city to enjoy a little nightlife then get up early and fish the next morning – take it easy though chief, fishing with a bad hangover is a drag.


Frankly, when the fish get turned on in October, they are liable to smash any trout or redfish baits you throw at them. That said, I do have some favorites.

The Heddon Zara Spook in the “bone” color is redfish crack, H&H Lures Original Cocahoe Minnows (try the white with red tail or green with chartreuse tail), and finally the ever reliable gold spoon is always a go-to bait in the marsh.

Big Marsh Redfish in Louisiana

Those of you who fly-fish, you can stick trout and reds with closer minnows in white and chartreuse. Brown shrimp and crabs pattern are also effective, as well as gaudy poppers of all shapes and sizes (we even know of a dude who makes poppers out of old flip-flops).

I am freaking psyched about the new redfish rig I’ve been using. I recently purchased Redington’s Vapen Red 8 Weight rod, paired it with the Rise reel, and spooled it with Rio’s Redfish line. It’s an awesome outfit that I’m into for a little over $500, and fishes just as well as comparable setups over $1,000.

Kevin McConnell
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