Some people compare fly fishing to religion and others might relate it more to a philosophy. Either way, those of us who have become addicted want to share the joy.

If you already enjoy fishing, then this is just another way to get out and catch fish. As you learn more and become a “fly-fisherman”, you will – no doubt – begin to observe the way you view yourself and the environment around you differently.  On occasion, you get lost in the cast.  You can find yourself performing false cast after false cast and seemingly forgetting that your ultimate goal is to catch fish.

Here are my top 6 reasons to get into fly fishing; really, there’s no reason to wait another day.

1. Release your spiritual side.

Fly fishing is a great stress reliever.  Once you learn the basics and you can keep the line in the air, it’s a very peaceful and calming motion (except when you snag a weed or tree when you are trying to eke out another foot or two for the perfect cast). You must become more connected with your environment when you fly fish – take a closer look at your surroundings and be more observant.  You have to learn to match the hatch and figure out what critters are attached to the underside of the rocks in the river.

2. It’s not as hard to learn as you think it is. 

You can either get a guide and get right on the river and learn or you can learn from the plethora of YouTube videos about learning how to fly fish.

3. It’s not as expensive to get into as you think it is.

You can pick up a starter package for less than a couple hundred bucks. We have them on our site; I would suggest starting with the Redington Path Combo with a 5 or 6 weight rod.

4. Practicing casting is fun…

…and you can do it just about anywhere you have a little open room. Watch a video or take a lesson and then practice. Get the rhythm down.  It’s a ton of fun.

5. There is a lot of cool new gear you can buy.

If you’re into that kind of stuff like I am, there are myriad gadgets, tools, new technical clothes and really cool gear that you can purchase to “help” you in your new hobby.

6. We have everything you need.

My staff and I work hard to make sure you can buy all the gear you need and the trips you want to go on right here on this site. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so the only thing you need to worry about is catching fish and having a great time on the water.

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