Over here at the Gunn&Hook offices, we knew we were onto something special – we just didn’t realize how special until a bunch of Ph.D. types got involved to clear it up for us.

Study after study has come out showing that people who want to be happier and enjoy life more should spend their money on experiences, not things.

Many outdoorsmen have known this for years, but it wasn’t until recent days that science got behind the idea that loading the kid in the car, grabbing your grandpa’s 870 and heading to a cornfield to knock around a few pheasants would actually make you happier than buying a new truck.  This isn’t us saying it – this is science:

Why you should spend money on experiences, not things . . .

Proof that Life Experiences, Not Things, make you happier . . .

Buy Experiences, Not things . . .

It’s not every blog post where I get to actually quote the Atlantic and Huffington Post.  It’s not every blog post where I get to use a graph that shows, why, scientifically, you should buy experiences:

All of this to say, you’re sitting on a website with unlimited happiness right here, at your fingertips . . . Always wanted to go wingshooting in Argentina?  Click right here . . . Dreamed of catching tarpon in Boca Grande?  Here you go . . . Pheasants?  Ducks?

Buy your trip.  Enjoy the anticipation.  Make a list of what you need to pack.  Chat it over with your buddies.  Buy a Yeti cup to take with you.  Request the days off from work.

Maybe you’ll see snow . . . Maybe you’ll see a shark . . . Maybe your son will shoot his first Elk . . . maybe you’ll catch your first cutthroat . . . maybe . . .

The joy is in the journey, in the experience.  We only get so many laps around the sun.

So book your trip now.  Can’t afford it today?  Grab a cane pole and head to the river.  Get outside.  Chase the wild life.

I don’t want to be the guy sitting here saying we’re selling happiness.

Science is.

Travis Thompson
About the Author

A 5th generation, Floridian, Travis has been hunting and fishing his home turf for as long as he can remember. When he's not in the woods or on the water, he's spending time with his kids, Olivia and Will, the lovely Mrs. Thompson, or futilely attempting to train two French Brittany Spaniels . . .