There’s an overused saying that holds that “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” preferably with a heavy pour of Deep Eddy Vodka. Such was the case on a recent Gunn&Hook hosted fishing trip to Louisiana’s Chandeleur Islands aboard the 72 foot Southern Way mothership. Our trip was in serious jeopardy of cancellation due to a nasty low pressure system moving east out of Texas, but after a quick huddle with Captain Brian Gagnon, the decision was made to go with Plan B and make a break for their private lease in the Biloxi Marsh. And oh what a Plan B it turned out to be.

The Southern Way

The 72-foot Southern Way posted up in the Biloxi Marsh. This is its traditional fall and winter home, but we made it work considering the bad weather at Chandy.

Bad Weather in Biloxi

Captain Brian is one smart dude, and he advised us to steer clear of the open water out by the islands and hold up in the semi-protected marsh.

Raining in the marsh

As you can see, it wasn’t completely protected and a big storm forced us off the water for a couple of hours. Come on Mother Nature, give us a break already!

Lightening strike in the Biloxi Marsh

We were hit hard by harsh wind, ripping rain and end-of-the-world level lightening strikes, one right after the other.

Gearing up for redfish

Fortunately, this gave us time to collect ourselves and prepare for our next shot at monster reds.

The Dock in the Biloxi Marsh

It wasn’t long before the skies cleared, the sun peaked through and we were off to the races.

Skiff in the Biloxi Marsh

As soon the rain started to subside, we were back at it with a vengeance. Gentleman, start your engines!

Big Marsh Redfish in Louisiana

Despite the weather and the fact we couldn’t be at Chandeleur, there isn’t much better than a beautiful, pristine, untouched marsh. And better yet, no cell service!

Redfish Hookup in the Biloxi Marsh

It didn’t take us long after the storm before we had our hands full. Fish on!

Louisiana Redfish Tail

Don’t let the name fool you. Redfish tails have a gorgeous blue hue to them that shimmers in the sunlight. Who knew?

Southern Way Dock in the Biloxi Marsh

Just about the time we hit our stride and started consistently catching fish, it was time to leave. However, we will return next year.

Redfish Filets in plastic bags

Good eats for the week.

Kevin McConnell
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Kevin is the chief marketing officer at Gunn&Hook. When he's not running a major e-commerce company, he's duck hunting and fishing every body of water from Austin, Texas to Destin, Florida.