As the thirteenth year of the Outdoor Texas Camp begins in June, founder David Todd is excited to spend another summer with his staff spreading and cultivating a love of the outdoors with young people.

“We hope that we can light a fire for the outdoors,” said Todd. “Our history proves, and we’ll continue to show that the Outdoor Texas Camps are dedicated to making sure every person has a chance to understand and appreciate the great outdoors.”

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Todd’s formula for success is simple. All his camps are held at the best locations with top-notch facilities, they provide a complete and detailed course of study for each subject, and they’re run by an experienced staff of Texas professionals who love teaching and the outdoors.

Most Texas summer camps are looking to grow larger and larger each year, hosting hundreds if not thousands or campers on crowded grounds. Outdoor Texas has a very different plan.

“Our goals are safety, fun and learning,” said Todd, “and we believe these goals are far more achievable with a small number of campers per session.”

As a result, each camp hosts a maximum of 12-24 campers per week, depending on the camp, which allows for more personal attention and instruction for each camper, as well as increased safety for everyone involved.

The smaller size also works to create a comfortable, family-like atmosphere, making Outdoor Texas one of the most unique youth camp experiences available.

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For 14 straight weeks from the beginning of June through the end of August, the Outdoor Texas staff works tirelessly to make sure each kid has a memorable and rewarding experience at one of five camp sites, all chosen for their quality facilities and access to some of Texas’ greatest natural resources.

Each member of the staff is chosen based on their knowledge of the subject, their field experience, and most importantly, their ability to communicate with campers in a positive manner.

“There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of kids enjoying the outdoors,” said Jeremy Chavez, a camp instructor and fly fishing guide from Houston, Texas. “All of the kids have a great time experiencing and learning new things.”

Outdoor Texas offers a wide range of camps and curriculums taught by individuals who are experts in their fields. The Archery/Hunting I and II Camps incorporate a “stalk,” where campers make their way through brush to a stopping point before executing a kill shot on various 3D targets with a bow and arrow.

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At Deer Camp, campers will go through a hunting-readiness test designed to test the knowledge they’ve gained. If the campers pass, they get the opportunity to spend time in a ground blind hunting for a feral hog and javelinas. Any hog that is harvested will be processed and prepared for a camp dinner.

Three Saltwater Camps hosted in Port Aransas allow campers to participate in an overnight camp-out on the Padre Island shoreline, fishing for sharks during the evening and the early morning surf, combined with a late-night flounder trip.

The end result of every camp is a deeper knowledge of the outdoors and a greater love of nature for every camper lucky enough to spend a week learning these timeless skills. Skills they can use to discover new hobbies, launch new careers, or even bring back to camp in a few years and pass along to a new generation.

A few spots are still available for select camps this summer! Grab yours today before they’re gone…

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