For decades, the Cordoba Province of northern Argentina has been talk of the wingshooting community and recognized as the world’s leading destination for high-volume dove hunting. Millions of doves pepper the sky on an average day in the northern area of Cordoba, providing high quality hunts for thousands of visitors over the years.

  • Easy arrival: It’s relatively easy to fly to Cordoba with direct flights from Miami, Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires, Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama).
  • Perfect weather: More than 320 sunny days each year keep the temperatures mild and the hunting perfect.
  • Highest standards: Intense competition among local lodges has created the highest standard of service you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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It’s estimated that more than 80 million doves inhabit northern Argentina, a region known for sunny days and mild temperatures year-round. The terrain and habitat is very similar to that of the American southwest, particularly Texas: thick underbrush and abundant farmland.


This winning combination produces incredible flights of dove you can’t find anywhere else. Nowhere else on earth can a single shooter take more than 10,000 birds in one day, wear out three shotguns and expend countless shells. Many lodges in Cordoba even offer a complimentary masseuse that’ll work on your shoulder after a long day in the field.

Argentina’s indigenous eared dove, which is very similar to our mourning dove, begins reproducing at three months and will do so several times a year. This combined with the thick cover and abundant roosting habitat led to Argentina’s “no limit” policy and truly amazing year round experience.


The dove in Argentina are non-migratory, so there are hunting opportunities year-round. There’s very little variance in daytime temperature across the region, with annual lows rarely dipping below 50 degrees or rising above 90. South America’s winter is the inverse of ours (June thru August), which means our Spring and Summer months are the perfect time to head south for a high-volume dove shoot.

March – April – May

There are cold nights until mid morning with temperatures varying between 35° and 46°, evenings are milder with temperatures between 53° and 64°.

June – July – August

Freezing cold nights and mornings with temperatures between 23° and 14° , and evenings between 46° and 50°.

September – October – November

Cool nights and mornings, sometimes even cold with temperatures between 41° and 50°, and afternoons between 41º and 59°.

December – January – February

Mild nights, occasionally cool, and hot days with temperatures which can sometimes exceed 95°.


argentina dove hunting lodge

Del Pilar

Welcome to the Estancias del Pilar, a private lodge run by Pampa Adventures where six well-appointed double rooms are furnished with nothing but comfort in mind. When not out in the field, guests may enjoy chef-prepared meals, a round of pool, complimentary wifi, or just relax by the fire with a good book.

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El Palomar

Your every need is accommodated at this private Estancia operated by Sporting Adventures. From the white-glove service to the gourmet meals, nothing is left to chance, and every detail is taken into consideration. This authentic Estancia is decorated with old Argentina antiquities and a sense of style and flair.

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argentina estancia

Los Chanares

Estancias Los Chanares offers a lodging experience second to none, not only in Argentina, but the world over. Luxurious amenities abound and the service is on par with the world’s most exclusive hotels. Guests can expect a lodge atmosphere that balances sophistication and thorough relaxation.

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