You’re ready for spring. You know just where the roost is beyond the creek in the tall oak trees. You know exactly where you are going to set up, what call you will use, and last but not least, setup your decoy. Your turkey stand success is highly dependent on these three factors; location, ability to call, and your decoy.

If you are dead on for location and call perfectly, a badly setup decoy or unrealistic decoy can blow your cover. Big toms will see your old ragged decoy positioned poorly for what it is and hang up well beyond shooting range. However, success can be a new decoy away. With new manufacturing technology and attention to detail, new decoys and materials, today’s hunter has yet another advantage over their hunting brethren from a generation ago. No, you don’t have to buy one to be successful, and you can even go without a decoy, but with all the new models and styles available for under a hundred bucks, why not ensure that last piece of the gobbler-hunting puzzle is realistic and life like?


With so many different options, styles, and brands available, the trick is which one! On early-season hunts, a hen decoy or two can be all you need to lure and eager tom into range. Once the season warms up and the woods get hot and heavy with the sounds and signs of gobblers, throw in a jake or tom with your hen decoys. Call, sit back and enjoy the show as dominant toms come in to assert their dominance on your threatening lifelike decoy that is already with the ladies this morning.

Don’t forget positioning of your dekes is critical for realism and approach. Toms will approach females from behind and males head on. Keep this in mind, as well as where you will be sitting when you setup. Jake decoys are ideal because birds of any size will approach without too much caution. Larger tom decoys can scare off would be aggressors, leaving you empty handed if there is not a large dominant tom around.


As always, keep safety in mind when hunting! Caring a large new style tom decoy around on public land could very well look real enough for another hunter to take a shot! With the new high quality materials, you can expect to have your decoys for a while, an investment worth looking in to!

Spring is upon us, and it is the perfect time to find the right decoys, calls, whatever you are looking for.   Check out our selection of turkey decoys here, browse through our calls and see if anything strikes your fancy, and finally, if you are looking for a trip to use your fancy new gear on, check out some of our spring turkey deals here!

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  1. Alex @ HuntingInfoNetwork / Apr 11, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    Using turkey decoys is a great method to fool the turkeys due their excellent eye sight, but you need to pay attention where you are putting them. You should place the jake turkey decoy facing you and try to get the decoys positioned as to make them easier to see.

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