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1-Day Hog Hunting with Dogs in North Texas

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Come help eliminate some hogs at this great ranch in Mingus, TX!

1-Day Hog Hunting with Dogs in North Texas

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THIS DEAL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, but we have many other options that are sure to interest you. Feel free to call us at any time at 1-855-GUN-HOOK, as we have agents standing by ready to assist you in finding and booking the hunting, fishing, or adventure trips you seek.

Any adrenaline junkies out there? If you really want to get your heart rate up this is the hunt for you. Come with us out to the ranch for the most exciting hunt you can take America. As part of our business we are a hog removal company. Therefore we use dogs to locate and grab hogs. These are highly trained animals dressed in Kevlar that will grab a hog for you to dispatch. We do not allow guns in any way shape or form on these hunts. The Dogs are your protection and they do their job well.

 We guarantee this is a hunt you will never forget. We will chase and bay up hogs for you. If you have never hunted with dogs don’t worry these canines are on autopilot. I assure you they don’t need us to tell them what to do. We will chase hogs until we get you your hog or the dogs get tuckered out. Most of the time we will ride in the truck and one of the hounds will be on the Hood. Once it signals to us that it has smelled a hog we will get out the other dogs and head out on foot. Typically, once the hounds fine a hog they will bark and the hog will stop. We will then bring in the bay dogs who will take care of the rest.

  Then you will have a free night stay at the lodge where we have two separate bedrooms complete with a kitchen and private bath. Giving you a nice comfortable place to share the days experiences around the fire pit while enjoying a few cocktails.  There is nothing like this hunt, hope to see you soon. 

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