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Half-Day Bowfishing Charter for 4 Near Waco, Texas

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Quick Overview

You and three other hunters will test your aim on this half day central Texas bowfishing adventure near Waco where you will blast your bow targeting various species of gar and carp.

Bowfishing in Central Texas


Experience bowfishing unlike any other trip on some of the best bowfishing lakes in Texas. These lakes have it all from huge small mouth and large mouth buffalo carp, tons of common carp, even grass carp, long nose and spotted gar. Expect plenty of action to keep you busy on this central Texas bowfishing adventure!

You don't have to be a pro to go on one of these trips. This outfitter takes plenty of couples, adults and even teens that have never even shot a bow and with a little coaching they will have you shooting fish in no time. Your guide will take the time to explain everything in detail and answer any questions you may have. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience or this is your first time on the water. Showing you a great time and putting you on plenty of fish is this outfitter's main goal!

Typically, you will meet your guide at the boat dock or marina, have a brief safety discussion and go over all the equipment as well as sign a liability disclaimer, which is required for all trips. After the safety discussion, if necessary, your guide will demonstrate how to use the bow fishing equipment. They will give you specific details on how to aim and even let you sling a few arrows in order to get a feel for the equipment. After that its all about the bowfishing!


This outfitter will supply you with everything needed to bowfish. All of the bows and gear are top of the line - however, you must bring a current Texas Fishing License. You will also want to make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. If weather is cold – don’t forget your jacket! A cooler with water, drinks and ice will also be provided. However, if you prefer certain beverages or snacks please bring those with you as well to toss in the cooler. Alcoholic beverages are allowed if you are of age and can drink responsibly.

Bowfishing Gear

This outfitter has a fully equipped 2008 Duracraft 1860 center console custom bowfishing boat with a 90 HP Mercury, an eight foot deck and twelve 50 watt Seelite LED lights that will light up the water and allow you to see the fish very well.

The bows are PSE Elation Compound Bows with Muzzy XD Bowfishing Reels and Shoot Thru Rods. Your guide will take the time to adjust each bow to a comfortable draw weight so that everyone can enjoy a night on the water. The average weight that is shot is approximately 30 pounds. If you have a bowfishing bow that is equipped you are welcome to bring that if you would rather shoot it instead.

A typical trip starts at around 8:00 PM and ends at 12:00 pm. The guide will have you meet them about 15-30 minutes early at the boat dock or marina. And you will usually be with them 5 to 6 hours total from the time you meet to the time you get off the boat, unload and take pictures at the end of the night.

Evening trips seem to have the most action as the temperatures are cooler and the fish come up to feed. You may also take a daytime trip, if you prefer. However you will be required to bring polarized sun glasses in order to spot the fish and you may also want to bring sunscreen/bug spray and a hat.

What to Bring

• Valid Texas Fishing License
• Climate appropriate clothing (that you don't mind getting dirty)
• Comfortable, slip resistant shoes
• Preferred beverages and snacks
• Camera
For day trips: Polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and a hat

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