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2-Hour MD-500 Helicopter Hog Hunt for 2 near Austin, Texas

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Take a friend and experience two hours of aerial hog hunting from an MD-500 helicopter piloted by highly trained professionals. Weapons, ammo and a safety briefing are included in this price!

Want the best helicopter hog hunting and aerial gunnery experience in all of Texas? Not only do we provide our customers with top of the line firearms and night vision optics, but most importantly, we chop around in a five-bladed turbine powered MD-500 helicopter capable of speeds up to 180 mph. We get there quicker and in better style, which further maximizes your dollars and translates into more time hunting and less time getting out there!

Our team is comprised of 12 members who each play a vital role within our organization. From military-trained helicopter pilots to ground team coordinators, we account for every detail necessary to ensure you receive the experience of a lifetime. Our safety record is impeccable as we have flown over 25,000 hours and never been cited by the FAA.

The MD-500 Helicopter

The MD-500 is the helicopter of choice for most strategic helicopter teams worldwide. The MD-500 is commonly referred to by its military designator of "Little Bird". Its nimble airframe, five-bladed rotor design and powerful turbine engine make this aircraft one of the most agile yet stable helicopters available!

Our MD-500 comfortably holds 4 personnel in its current configuration.

With the doors removed, the gunner has a wide field of view and engagement area while remaining seated inside the aircraft and attached to a special gunner's harness for added safety when leaning out of the aircraft. Non-Resident Hunting license is $48 through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

**Selecting Your Hunt Date

When selecting your Requested Hunt Date, please be aware that the date of your hunt is not finalized until you have received confirmation from either Gunn&Hook or the Outfitter stating that the dates are available and are locked in for you.

If you are unable to find a mutually agreed upon date with the Outfitter within 7 days of the date of your purchase Gunn&Hook will issue you a full refund for your trip purchase. After 7 days or after a date is finalized with the Outfitter, whichever comes first, all sales are final but remain backed by the Gunn&Hook Guarantee.

Read More About Helicopter Hog Hunting

Why Helicopter Hog Hunting Should be on Your Bucket List


• Promotional price only available through Gunn&Hook!
• Unlimited hog hunting for two people in Temple, Texas (1 hour from Austin, 2 1/2 hours from DFW Airport.)
• Guns and ammo provided.
• EOTech Optics.
• Firearms Operations and Safety course included.
• Hunt out of an MD-500 helicopter with a top-end speed of 180 MPH.
• Valid until Dec 31, 2017
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

Special Terms

Special out of state license is $48 and can be purchased at -

  • Note: If adding hunters, we can customize your trip for you, there is a max of four per helicopter (Pilot, Safety Instructor and 2 Hunters (weight limit of 300 lbs per passenger))

  • Longer duration hunts are available as follows:
  • Three, four, five and six hours.

    All hunts include a firearms operation and safety course before the flight. This will familiarize you with the firearm and the special procedures exclusive to aerial gunnery operations.

    Contact us ahead of time if you are interested in adding any of the following features to your hunt at an additional cost:

      • - Assistance with travel and hotel accommodations as well as transportation to and from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
      • - Multi-day booking discount.
      • - Pre-hunt aerial gunnery practice on reactive steel targets.
      • - Ground-based hog scouting and recovery by our H1 Humvee.
      • FAQ
    • Q. Are guns and ammo provided?
    • A. Yes for hunts, we provide suppressed short barreled AR rifles and ammo.


  • Q. Can I use my own guns and ammo if I want to?
  • A. Yes you may.
  • Q. How many acres do you hunt on?
  • A. We have over 380,000 acres of property to hunt on (and growing).
  • Q. When is the best time of year to hunt?
  • A. Anytime is a great time to hunt hog. However, January-March is the time of year when the trees do not their leaves and you will have the best visibility of the fields and hunting grounds.
  • Q. What license/permit is required to hunt hogs?
  • A. Any current Texas hunting license will work! If you are an out of state shooter you can obtain one at almost any sporting goods store or online at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.
  • Q. Is it legal to shoot hogs from a helicopter in Texas?
  • A. Yes it is. Texas Parks and Wildlife recognized the massive amounts of damage the non-native hog species were causing in Texas, realizing that ground efforts of trapping and hunting were not enough to resolve the problem they opened up aerial depredation to certified helicopter operators like us.
  • Q. What is the minimum age to shoot from the helicopter?
  • A. 18 years old is the minimum age to shoot from the helicopter. However younger people are welcome to come along and shoot 35mm!

    Q. If I have someone underage can they still come?

  • A. Yes they can. No matter how hold they are there is still however only two seats, so if someone under 18 comes there is only room for one shooter and one observer.
  • Q. Can you pick us up in your company Humvee?
  • A. We sure can! If you are staying at a local hotel or need a ride from the airport we’re happy to pick you up! If your willing to come in from so far away you didn’t bring a vehicle, the least we can do is drive across town to meet you!
  • Q. Can I keep the meat from the hogs I shoot?
  • Q. How many pigs do you usually get in a hunt?
  • A. As with any type of hunting or fishing trip, numbers can never be guaranteed. This is a hog eradication hunt, meaning that you will be flying over private land that the operator has been given permission to hunt and reduce the hog population. They will do their best to fly areas they have scouted where hogs have been known to frequent. Please keep in mind that this is hunting and there is no way to guarantee animals will be seen or that you will shoot them.
  • Q. How long is the hunt?
  • A. A 2 hour hunt is over 2 hours of flight time in the helicopter. It typically takes about 5 hours of time for a 2 hour hunt.
  • Q. How many acres do you hunt on?
  • A. We have over 380,000 acres of property to hunt on (and growing).
  • Q. How many shooters do you have at once on a hunt?
  • A. We put two shooters in the aircraft at a time, one on each side of the aircraft.
  • Q. How far is the average shot?
  • A. Our average engagement is about 25-35 yards, we typically get as low as possible while maintaining a safe distance above any tree’s, if the hogs are in a wide open field running, think in feet not yards!
  • Q. How many acres will we cover on a hunt?
  • A. On a 2 hour hunt we will probably cover 20,000-30,000 acres.
  • Q. Can I talk to the pilot and other people on board while shooting?
  • A. Absolutely. Everyone in the aircraft will have a headset and microphone so they can communicate with everyone else in the aircraft.
  • Q. What is the weight limit for your MD-500 helicopter?
  • A. The MD-500 is built as a workhorse, we can accommodate shooters that weigh over 300lbs without problem.
  • Q. How do you secure the shooter in the helicopter?
  • A. We use a special military gunners harness that goes around the shooters waist and secures them to the aircraft.



  • Q. Can I shoot from the helicopter at night?
  • A. For safety reasons we do not shoot hogs from the helicopter at night because we fly much higher than normal and target identification would be too dangerous. We use the helicopter to locate the hogs then guide in ground based teams to eradicate them!
  • Q. Why do you have a safety officer on board?
  • A. Safety. The safety officer is a skilled and experienced guide as well, so they are able to assist in locating of hogs as well as advise the shooters and communicate with them during the flight and hog engagements while the pilot focuses on flying the aircraft.
  • Q. Do you offer a safety briefing?
  • A. YES! We include a safety briefing and aircraft orientation before every flight. Safety is our number one priority so we make sure everyone hears all of the safety information and understands the safety procedures before any hunt.
  • Q. Do you offer an introductory course for newer shooters?
  • A. Yes we do! If you are rusty with the operation of the AR type rifle or new to it’s function we are happy to offer a $500/person Aerial Gunner course before your hunt. We will go over fundamentals and safe firearms handling on the ground, then go up in the aircraft and engage some steel targets from the air and practice those fundamentals in a low stress target engagement application. The $500 includes the ammunition.

    Must be 18 years or older to shoot from the helicopter

    Voucher is valid 6 months from date of purchase

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• Promotional price only available through Gunn&Hook!
• Unlimited hog hunting for two people in Temple, Texas (1 hour from Austin, 2 1/2 hours from DFW Airport.)
• Guns and ammo provided.
• EOTech Optics.
• Firearms Operations and Safety course included.
• Hunt out of an MD-500 helicopter with a top-end speed of 180 MPH.
• Valid until Dec 31, 2017
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

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