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Drake's Adventures Spring Thunder Interactive Children's Book


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Created by Keith Beam

When six year old Drake gets asked to go turkey hunting for the first time with his father on opening day, the excitement runs high. Drake will be hunting with his best friend...his daddy.


Drake's Adventures Spring Thunder Interactive Children's Book

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This audio book series is our way of teaching our children the honor and tradition of our great hunting sports. Each year millions of young children are left out of shooting sports until it’s too late to get them involved. The Drake’s Adventure series demonstrates to children the importance of sharing our great outdoors heritage with their parents, brothers, grand parents, and friends.

Reading to children sparks interest and builds life long bonds. Passing on the heritage of hunting and fishing in this beautifully illustrated childrens sound book series will have them becoming our next generation of sportsmen and women. Watch, Learn, and Listen as each tale is told through this little hunters eyes. As a big kid in the outdoors; Keith Beam brings all of his wildlife tales directly into pages of this book series. If we want the hunting and fishing sports to grow, we have to get children involved.

We put our money where our mouths are............

We get children involved!

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