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Defensive Pistol Training in Dallas Area!

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Go a step further and learn realistic, defensive handgun skills!

Defensive Pistol Training in Dallas Area!

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This course is intended to introduce students to realistic defensive handgun skills training. There is a significant gap between the remedial/beginner level skills requirement of the Texas CHL course and the skills that may be required to survive a real deadly force encounter. In a real situation it's unlikely that the shooter will get to start with his/her gun in hand, standing in the open, facing a stationary target in good light, with sufficient time to shoot at a comfortable pace. A more typical measure is that the shooter will have to draw from concealment and shoot 3 rounds in 3 seconds or less at a moving, partially obscured target 3-5 yards away.

Most untrained shooters think "shooting practice" is to stand in one spot and shoot whatever target is available until the box of ammo is empty. Under stress you will do what you have practiced. The goal of the DPS-1 course is to educate students as to what they should be practicing, and how they should practice it, so that under stress a trained "default response" to a lethal threat can occur with appropriate speed and accuracy. The DPS-1 course is the first in a series of 3 courses  that teach defensive handgun skills similar to those taught at major national academies.

We find that many CHL holders that have never had formal handgun training would benefit from the technique 'tune-up' provided by our Basic Pistol 2 class. 

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