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Northern Industries Concave Snake Tongs

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by Northern Industries

Northern Industries Concave Snake Tongs

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The New Billet Aluminum Snake Tongs that we've designed at Northern Industries have no equals on the market period! We

have finally designed a snake tong that is easily taken apart and replacement parts can be easily installed by anyone. We offer

two styles of extra wide snake tong ends machined from a block of T6 6061 Aluminum, one with concave grippers that can

handle very large snakes, and a convex gripper end that can pick up even the smallest baby snake. These different ends can

be changed from one style to the other by taking out two pins, exchanging one end for the other and replacing the pins. We

also offer an even easier way to interchange your gripper ends, you can buy a Snake Tong Concave or Convex Gripper Assembly

Complete with Spring and Cable already in place so all that is needed is to take 2 Allen bolts off of the Interchangeable multi use

Billet Handle Assembly, remove the Billet Aluminum Handle Cover Plate, remove current cable from Handle Lever, remove your

current gripper end by twisting off, now, tighten new end onto pole, put your new cable back onto handle lever, replace handle

cover plate and tighten Allen bolts back down. Another difference that makes our snake tong better than the competition

is the way our spring sits in the tong. Our spring is a compression spring set farther inside the pole. This means there is no

groove in the gripper end to clog with debris or catch on the snake, and a much more dependable spring can be used. We also

offer Billet Handle Assemblies complete with Threaded Aluminum tube already in place for these tongs and replacing them are

just as easy as replacing the gripper ends! These Billet Handle Assemblies complete with Threaded Tubes are designed so well

they are also used on our Billet Aluminum Animal Graspers! The T6 6061 Aluminum Tubes we use are the same ones we use

on our Animal Control Poles, so you know they are strong, and these thick tubes actually screw inside of the handles and end

pieces making it impossible for the any part to break off inside of the tube. Our Aluminum tubes also include, on all models

but the smallest, a grip anywhere handle already in place, giving the user some extra stability when needed. Our Snake tongs

are the only billet aluminum tongs on the market, and we are, for a limited time selling them for what most companies are

selling their inferior cast aluminum tongs for. Cast Aluminum cannot be tempered so there is no way for it to be as strong as

a machined tempered block of aluminum, and that's what we use. You won’t find a stronger, lighter, more durable, or more

interchangeable snake tong on the market, we guarantee it or your money back!!! The Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum Concave

Gripper End Snake Tongs were designed with the larger snake in mind. As you can see in the picture these tongs leave a little

more room on the gripper end while picking up snakes. This gap is specifically to encircle large snakes more than the other

tongs on the market, this means more of the tong end will be in contact with more of the surface area of the snake. This means

less pressure has to be put on the snake to control or handle it with these tongs.

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