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Cast and Blast Duck Hunt and Inshore Fishing Trip for 4 in South Texas

Outfitter: Gunn&Hook Exclusive Adventures

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Cast a line and blast some ducks!

Located in on the coast of Texas where you can expect fabulous fishing and fantastic duck hunting. 

Shoot until you hit the limit! Have a hunting dog? Bring him!! Our guide has been hunting since birth! First time hunters? No problem, we'll show you how it's done! Bring your friends and enjoy a perfect half day of duck hunting followed with some afternoon fishing. The lower body of water is crystal clear, with grass and sand, flourishing with red drum, black drum, speckled trout, flounder, reds, and snook (seasonal).

Hop in the airboat and head out with your guide and buddies on this steal for the serious duck hunter. Don’t forget to bring plenty of ammo and expect to see thousand of birds hunting the prime marshland of south Texas.

The Texas coast wetlands habitat is known for producing some of the best duck hunting in the world. The tall grass and mid-grass prairies, cord grass marshes, as well as flooded agriculture fields provide the perfect winter habitat for waterfowl. The Texas gulf coast is famous for its huge flocks of redheads and pintails. Expect to see plenty of widgeon, gadwall, canvasvbacks and other diver ducks as well. The region includes the barrier islands that protect the coastline from high winds and high ocean waves ideal for coastal duck hunting. The marshes along the bays and estuaries are important habitat for estuarine and marine species providing a huge food source for migrating ducks. 


Cast & Blast Package for four people
• Half day fishing / half-day duck hunting

Special Terms

Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Price is for four people


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Cast & Blast Package for four people
• Half day fishing / half-day duck hunting

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