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Aerial Gunnery Weekend Event in Temple, Texas


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Ever wanted to shoot a rifle at reactive targets from a helicopter? This is your chance!

Aerial Gunnery Weekend Event in Temple, Texas

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For only $350 each, you will have a very memorable 20-minute ride in a helicopter both as a shooter and an observer.

Not only does this outfitter provide its customers with top of the line firearms, but most importantly, they chop around in a five-bladed turbine powered MD-500 military helicopter capable of speeds up to 180 mph.

Utilizing our MD-500 helicopter we offer participants an unparalleled experience to engage reactive steel targets from the air. This is a 20 minute flight split right down the middle, with your first 10 minutes in the front seat as the observer, and the second 10 minutes in the back seat as the gunner. Each 10 minute flight will consist of four or five passes down our custom gunnery range where you will engage eight to 10 reactive targets with each pass.

Because of this location this is a spectator FRIENDLY event where people can see the aircraft and the range at all times so bring your friends and family to see the fun!

The event takes place from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm on February 8, 2015. Flight times will be assigned prior to the event so you will know what time your flight will be.

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