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6-Day Great White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island

Outfitter: Gunn&Hook Exclusive Adventures

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This is great white shark diving at its very best. You will have ample opportunities to see these majestically terrifying creatures up close as you descend three times per day into crystal clear water with 125’ visibility. In October and November, the area is frequented by enormous sharks up to 18-19 feet long and with the girth of a Volkswagen!

Voyages are five nights and six days long. The number of shark-dives on the trip is virtually unlimited. On the first morning upon arrival you will do warm-up dives and afterwards the pool is always open. The current record stands at 31.5 hours of cage time over three dive days. Cages close at 5 p.m. on the last dive day to get ready for the ride home.

What to Expect

Your trip begins in San Diego or Ensenada where you will board one of our two modern ships. Both are custom designed for divers to the highest possible level of comfort and safety with a layout that utilizes every square foot of available space. Everything is first class and certified to the same exacting international SOLAS and ISM standards as the largest cruise ship

Guadalupe Island (Mexico) is the top destination for great white shark encounters. This small volcanic island located in the Pacific 240 kilometers (150 miles) off the west coast of Mexico's Baja California peninsula outperforms both South Africa and Australia with shark-seeing consistency and watching conditions. Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 125 - 150 foot visibility. We recently counted 108 great white sharks in the bay where we stage our submersible cage diving operations which guarantees unforgettable encounters.

We offer a rich and natural experience of shark encounters on these trips by descending down to 30 feet where great white sharks naturally spend their time. We don't need to use chum at depth because the sharks are already there. We have seen up to six great whites at once circling the cages. Without chum these great whites are more relaxed, exhibit much more curiosity, and come in much closer to the cages. Best of all, our cages are double-deckers, which means you can venture onto the upper deck and outside the bars to truly go face-to-face with great white sharks out in the open. It is an unforgettable rush when a great white looks at you from 50 feet away and then swims over for a very close look.

July to November

Diving with great white sharks and going face-to-face with them at 30 feet is an unforgettable experience but also very different than most people imagine. We believe in natural interaction and instead of using oil and blood and chum at the surface, we use submersible cages with open top decks to descend down to where the sharks naturally congregate. Natural interaction results in more sharks, more interaction and unforgettable up close encounters.


Day 1: Your trip boards in the evening of the first night. You will meet the group and a crew member at the Ramada Hotel in San Diego and be transferred to the boat by highway coach. After boarding, the ship will get on its way for Guadalupe.

Day 2: The boat will arrive to Guadalupe at about dinner time. Cages will go in to the water with the first dives available the following day at 7AM.

Day 3: Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time.

Day 4: Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time.

Day 5: Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time when they will be taken out of the water and the boat will make its overnight run back to Ensenada.

Day 6: You arrive into port at about 1PM, have your bags loaded on the highway coach and depart for San Diego. Arrival into San Diego is about 6PM. If you plan to fly home that evening, we suggest no flights are booked before 8:30PM just in case there are any border delays.

What to Bring

• Season appropriate clothing
• Slip resistant shoes
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Personal care items
• Camera
• Bathing suit
• Cash for gratuities


• Five nights of lodging and six days of diving
• Three dives per day
• Plenty of great white sharks
• Outstanding visibility of 125 feet plus
• State rooms and meals provided
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

Special Terms

• Offer valid through Dec. 31, 2015
• Prices do not include 5% of Mexican VAT
• Price is per person
• IVA tax has been harmonized at 16% across Mexico. The original 11% tax is included in your trip fee. The 5% increase in tax is shown separately.

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• Five nights of lodging and six days of diving
• Three dives per day
• Plenty of great white sharks
• Outstanding visibility of 125 feet plus
• State rooms and meals provided
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

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