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6-Day Alaskan Fishing Adventure for 2 at McDougall Lodge

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This trip for two anglers includes five nights' accommodations, all meals and six days of fully-guided fishing.

The historic McDougall Lodge provides a cozy backwoods environment with first class fishing. The lodge is a place where you and your friends can kick back and relax after a day of fishing on Lake Creek. All guests have access to wireless internet, pool table and fly tying station. McDougall Lodge offers 2 big screen televisions with satellite service. Each guest can take advantage of the third story observatory. This is a perfect place for reading your favorite book or viewing the epic surroundings. On a clear day, the observatory is a great place to view Mt. McKinley.

McDougall Lodge offers private rooms within the lodge, or you can stay in one of our 5 guest cabins. All cabins have a riverfront view of the Yentna River. All accommodations are comfortable and cozy. We offer brand new mattresses and warm linens for your comfort.

After a long, satisfying day on the river, nothing refreshes you more than a hot and relaxing shower. Located near the guest cabins in the bathhouse, four large bathrooms are equipped with sink and shower – along with hot and cold running water and electricity (which is generated by the lodge’s own power plant). Fresh towels and supplies are replenished daily for your use.

Come enjoy a hearty Alaskan meal in the new dining hall. It’s a great place to share the day’s events with fellow anglers.

All fishing is guided. There will be 3 or 4 clients per guide depending on time of year and water levels. This ensures that each client receives the personal attention he/she deserves. All 5 species of Pacific salmon run Lake Creek at different times of the year. Rainbow Trout, Grayling and Northern Pike can be caught year round. You can choose to fly fish or to spin or bait cast depending on the time of year and proven methods. Your guide will do everything in his power to put you onto the fish of a lifetime.


• Promotional price only available through Gunn&Hook!
• Six days of fully-guided fishing.
• Five nights lodging.
• All meals included.
• Rainbow trout, grayling and northern pike may be caught year around.
• Fish filleting, packaging and freezing included.
• All rods, reels and tackle included.
• Have questions? Call (855) 486-4665 to speak with one of our booking specialists now!

Special Terms

Price for this deal is for 5 nights. 1-5 night packages are available. Call us for details

Trip must be taken on mutually agreeable dates between June and September 2017.

Angler is responsible for transportation to and from Anchorage and float plane cost approx. $240 per person round trip.

Upgrades available.

License, gratuity and alcoholic beverages not included.


  • Q: Where are you located?
  • A: We are 75 miles NW of Anchorage, right on the edge of Denali National Park. It’s about a 35 minute floatplane flight out of Anchorage. There isn’t a road for 65 miles. Helps cutback on the crowds you experience down south! 

  • Q: What do your packages include?
  • A: Our all inclusive packages include fully guided fishing, rods, reels and tackle, lodging, meals and we’ll also fillet, freeze and vacuum pack your catch.

    • Q: What is not included in your packages?
    • A:The only thing not included in our packages is the floatplane flight, fishing license and gratuities.


    • Q: How many fish can we harvest on Lake Creek?
    • A: During King season you are allowed to keep 1 a day, for a total of 5 a year. Once you harvest a King Salmon you are not allowed to fish for Kings any longer that day. You would then target Rainbows or Pike if you choose to continue fishing. During Sockeye, Silver, Chums & Pink season you are allowed to be in possession of 3 fish a day. Sometimes you are only allowed 2 Silvers and 1 other species per day.


    • Q: How much fish can I take home with me?
    • A: Most of our clients will take home 50+lbs. of fish. The airlines allow two 50lb pieces of luggage. We recommend you bring one 50lb bag full of clothing etc. Then you purchase a “airline approved fish box” and fill that with 50lb of fish. This becomes your 2nd piece of luggage. This way you don’t have to pay anything additional to bring your fish back with you.


    • Q: How much does the floatplane cost?
    • A: Approximately $240 roundtrip per person, and we will schedule this flight for you!!!!


    • Q: How much is a fishing license?
    • A: Approx $30.00


    • Q: What kind of fish do you get?
    • A: We get all 5 species of Pacific Salmon (Kings, Sockeye, Silver, Chum, Pinks), and Rainbow Trout. We also have a series of 7 lakes that are within 1 mile of the lodge that are full of Pike.

    • Q: Do you get Steelhead?
    • A: No, not in our area


    • Q: When is the best time to go to Lake Creek?
    • A: Well, it depends on what you want to fish for. We start booking for Kings during the first week of June up until the first week of July. Then about July 20th, we start booking for Sockeye, Silvers, Chums, and Pinks. We get Rainbow Trout all summer long, but Sept is the prime time for large Rainbows.


    • Q: Do you have a problem with the bears?
    • A: Not usually. We do have bears in our area, but it’s nothing like fishing on the Russian or Kenai. Usually if you see a bear, it’s going to be running from you. All of our guides carry firearms, so bear spray isn’t necessary to bring.


    • Q: What about hunting?
    • A: We have great duck hunting after Sept. 1st. We are not offering any other form of hunting.


    Basic Fishing Information:


    • From early June until approx June 15 we will be fishing for Kings primarily backtrolling or fishing off anchor using qwik fish, plugs & spin-n-glows. We will also be throwing some spinners.
    • From mid June until the 1st week of July (the water drops) we will be primarily drift fishing (corkie & yarn) or fly fishing for Kings.
    • From July 15 until the 1st week of August we are primarily fishing for Sockeye’s and Silvers with a few Chums and Pinks around. King Season closes July 14th, but you can still catch some Kings giving you the opportunity to have Grand Slams (catching all 5 species of Pacific Salmon). During this period we are spin fishing and fly fishing. Eggs work well along with throwing spinners for catching Silvers in the lower end of the river. Fly fishing is good beginning this time, until the 2nd week of September.
    • By the 10th of August, Sockeye fishing slips off, but Silver, Chum and Pinks are in full force. During this period we offer excellent fly fishing using egg sucking leaches, pink bunny flies, popcycles, glow bugs and egg patterns. Spin fishing is also productive using #2-#5 spinners and eggs.
    • September 1st is the beginning of premier Rainbow fishing. The Rainbows are really gaining weight during this time. You can fly or spin fish using glow bugs, beads, flesh flies and egg patterns.

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    • Promotional price only available through Gunn&Hook!
    • Six days of fully-guided fishing.
    • Five nights lodging.
    • All meals included.
    • Rainbow trout, grayling and northern pike may be caught year around.
    • Fish filleting, packaging and freezing included.
    • All rods, reels and tackle included.
    • Have questions? Call (855) 486-4665 to speak with one of our booking specialists now!

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