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4-Day Lake Havasu Adventure Package near Las Vegas, Nevada


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Quick Overview

Explore the most scenic and secluded portions of Lake Havasu on the Arizona/California border by helicopter, boat and custom-built off-road vehicles on this four-day adventure that takes you from the bustling nightlife of Las Vegas to the untamed wilderness of western Arizona.

4-Day Lake Havasu Adventure Package near Las Vegas, Nevada


THIS DEAL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, but we have many other options that are sure to interest you. Feel free to call us at any time at 1-855-GUN-HOOK, as we have agents standing by ready to assist you in finding and booking the hunting, fishing, or adventure trips you seek.

Zero 1 Odysseys specializes in Adventures and Access

Adventures to deliver a wealth of stories and experiences to last a lifetime. Access to parts of the world hidden from the highways and by-ways. Zero 1 can take you into the places where history happened, where nature is still wild and people are real, not another roadside marker, viewing area or tourist attraction.


Day 1 – November 18
• Arrive at Zero 1 Headquarters at 8:30 AM – pickup at your hotel on Las Vegas strip can be arranged
• Orientation, overview and helmet sizing
• Travel to Maverick Helicopters for air travel to Lake Havasu City
• Scenic helicopter ride to Lake Havasu (approximately one hour) – helicopters can accommodate up to 7 people, larger groups will travel in two separate helicopters at the same time.
• Arrive in Lake Havasu, transportation to lunch
• Check in at the HEAT hotel – full-size, queen and king beds available. You may choose single or double occupancy rooms.
• Afternoon Desert Drive
• Dinner

Day 2 – November 19
• Breakfast
• Desert Excursion from Lake Havasu to Parker, Arizona – You will be driving with one other passenger during each Desert Excursion which are typically 120-160 miles each. If you are experiencing this trip by yourself then you will be paired with another guest. You and your passenger will take turns driving, unless you are accompanied by a non-driving guest.
• Safari Lunch at Planet Ranch
• Afternoon Desert Excursion
• Arrive in Parker, Arizona
• Dinner at Pirate's Cove
• Evening accommodations at Branson's

Day 3 – November 20
• Breakfast
• Optional morning activities including off-road driving, spa treatments and 18 holes of golf at no additional cost.

• Spa treatments will be selected from set options including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. Each option is about an hour and you will have up to three hours at the spa.
• 18 holes of golf on your choice of several different golf courses in the area including Emerald Canyon, Bridgewater, Branson's and other local courses. You may choose to either bring your own clubs or club rental is included in trip price.

• Lunch
• Afternoon boat tour - half-day on the water in a large open pontoon boat.
• Shooting activity with a guest shooting expert. Shooting activities can range from target shooting with assault rifles to sporting clay shooting with shotguns. All gun rentals are included.
• Dinner on the lake
• Accommodation at Branson's

Day 4 – November 21
• Breakfast in Parker
• Desert Excursion continues
• Lunch at the Desert Bar
• Desert Excursion (travel back to Lake Havasu)
• Depart Havasu via Zero 1 bus to Las Vegas
• Arrive in Las Vegas by 6:30 PM • Accommodations at a Las Vegas hotel – specific hotel depends on size of the group

What to Bring

• Climate applicable clothing
• Close-toed, full coverage shoes are recommended
• Swim suit
• Hat
• Jacket
• Water bottle
• Backpack/bag
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Lip protection
• Personal care items
• Camera or GoPro

It isn’t just about what’s out there – it’s about how you get there. You’ll drive performance vehicles, purpose-built to cover rough miles at high speeds – it’s fun, exhilarating and memorable.

Getting behind the wheel of our tour cars is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do – walk away with a new kind of wealth – stories, confidence and friendships that last a lifetime. It’s the kind of freedom the world is missing… Zero 1 Odysseys can help you find it.

This challenge offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself and push your limits. The conditions you will tackle throughout the event ensure that everyone will take it to the limit while maintaining a high level of safety. For the less experienced drivers, a team member will always be available to offer help and advice. Without doubt, this adventure is suited to novice and expert alike. In the hands of the Zero 1 team you will gain the confidence to tackle the challenging roads and variable conditions that lie ahead while certainly enjoying doing so.

Amazing Places

Each year adventurous individuals from all walks of life, leave their 'normal lives' behind to set out on a Zero 1 adventure; to traverse across some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery in Nevada and Arizona. On this particular adventure you will wonder the wild and untouched terrain of the Mojave Desert in Polaris RZR XP 1000 vehicles that can take on any condition at any speed.

Whether negotiating winding trails, driving through well-preserved ghost towns or crisscrossing wide open valleys – you’ll find the adventure you’re looking for.

Liberating Fun

The tours are by no means a race, but they are certainly not a normal touristy ridealong. You will be driving custom built, highly prepared performance tour cars – the same ones we use in Vegas to Reno and the Baja 1000 races. You will be changing out with a co-driver, someone you may have met the night before or a long time friend. By the end of the trip, you will walk away with amazing, seemingly unbelievable stories you will share forever.

It is more a test of patience, communication and rhythm than driving skill. You will be driving in a group with a diverse amount of experience and comfort; no matter how fast you are going, there is rarely a feeling of having to rush. The guides are extremely experienced in geography, environment, mechanics and usually have some great observations of life and business – perhaps even some knowledge of the local “whiskey” to share at the end of the day. There is radio communication between driver and co-driver as well as car to car. A chase car with mechanics and spare parts will also be following the group for any surprise situations that may arise.

It's Time

It’s time for the drive of your life – to expose yourself to a side of Nevada very few know, let alone experience – The Great Basin. It’s limited access on a grand scale. You’ll cover hundreds of breath-taking miles and vistas – stopping along the way to see ghost towns, Pony Express stations & trails, mining camps, and more. It takes a special kind of access to discover this area's hidden treasures.

From fast rally style roads through vast valleys to tight winding trails through pine trees to technical sand washes - driving a Zero 1 buggie is never a dull experience. Keep your eyes open for herds of wild mustang and characters straight from Louis L’Amour novels – they’re around every bend.

The Cars

Zero 1 cars are powerful and safe, with almost two feet of wheel travel, these cars can handle the most rugged terrain at any speed. With over 4 millions miles of tours and racing experience, you are in arguably one of the most extensively tested off-road vehicles. They are the same cars used to compete in the BITD Vegas to Reno and SCORE Baja 500 and 1000. Class spec says production, 4-cylinder engine with 175 HP but they’ve successfully competed against the bigger more powerful V-8’s in Class One and Trophy Trucks. In 2010, our crews placed 4th in Class One/20th overall in the 4-wheel category in the Baja 500 and 3rd in Class One/18th overall (all classes) in the Baja 1000.

Responsible Adventuring

These unique opportunities to explore rarely traveled terrain and Old Western culture come from years of relationships and our responsible approach to the people and their land.

Access to fast winding rally style roads and the changing scenery is made possible through long-standing relationships and history with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Zero 1 Odysseys is one of only a very few, select groups that the BLM has issued privileged use permits for off-highway tours in the state of Nevada. This truly makes this trip a unique experience of a lifetime.

Zero 1 has been trusted to provide access to public lands in a responsible manner. This environmental awareness is part of every tour. Habitat and trail maintenance are integrated activities. Zero 1 participates in cleanup programs and reports abuse to ensure future generations have the same opportunities.

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