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$375 for 2-3 Hour Cross-Country Flight Above Jacksonville, FL in Amphibious Ultralight

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Enjoy 2-3 hours flying up to 100 miles over Jacksonville and surrounding countryside! Enjoy short breaks where you will be immersed in Jacksonville landscape!

$375 for 2-3 Hour Cross-Country Flight Above Jacksonville, FL in Amphibious Ultralight

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THIS DEAL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, but we have many other options that are sure to interest you. Feel free to call us at any time at 855-486-4665, as we have agents standing by ready to assist you in finding and booking the hunting, fishing, or adventure trips you seek.

If you want to do more than discover powered hang gliding flight, then immerse yourself into the sportsmen's lifestyle and save over 20% on one of our 2-3 hour cross country flights. During these small excursions, we'll fly 87-100+ miles over Jacksonville and surrounding countryside while taking a few breaks to relax, and enjoy the outdoors. This adventure flight will give you an opportunity to enjoy the real freedoms of trike flying, and is sure to be an experience you will never forget. Our open cockpit amphibious trike is like riding a motorcycle in the sky. We'll fly "low and slow" and you'll experience what it must feel like to be a bird soaring over the landscape. During the flight you will learn the basics of trike flying. If you feel up to it, and conditions permit, you may take control and see how easy it is to fly this amazing aircraft. We will even give you a certificate recording your training that can be used towards a Sport Pilot License. Our Amphibian Aircraft: We fly a Sea & Sky Cygnet, and FAA certified WSC (weight shift controlled) S-LSA (special light sport aircraft). Commonly called a "Trike" , it is basically a super hang glider wing with a power unit attached instead of a pilot's personal harness. In addition to its three wheels, what makes this trike particularly unique are its pontoons, which allow for water operations and classifies the craft as "amphibious." This means that the trike can take off from land or water, and taxi from anywhere.

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