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3-Day Premium Snow Goose Hunt in Missouri


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This three-day, fully-guided snow goose hunt in Missouri comes with pre-set decoys, round-trip transportation to your hotel and electronic calls. Grill your goose before this offer gets away from you!

Hurry! Offer expires March 22nd!

Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri

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THIS DEAL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, but we have many other options that are sure to interest you. Feel free to call us at any time at 855-486-4665, as we have agents standing by ready to assist you in finding and booking the hunting, fishing, or adventure trips you seek.

Offer Expires March 22, 2015

During this three-day excursion, your hunts will begin 1/2 hour before sunrise and conclude around sunset each day. You will be asked to meet guides at a designated time and place first thing in the morning. Depending on drive time, it will be roughly 20-30 minutes to the field.

On this hunt you will be utilizing the most efficient and successful tactics to lure in your snow goose; full body decoys and electronic goose calls. Fully body decoys have a more life-like appearance which helps draw the geese in and even more importantly, closer to you. Electronic calls help to accomplish the same goal while also removing the responsibility of speaking "goose" from the hunter. You're not cheating, you're just being wise and efficient.

On the final day of hunting, clients can depart the field at anytime that they wish. This can be early in the morning, midday or at the end of the day. It is completely up to you.

Each guide will take a mandatory lunch break during the day, usually this will be during the lull or slow periods (if there are any). This is due to the amount time and work that is put into preparing and hunting these birds.

About the Outfitter

This outfitter is unique in that they run all full body decoys for snow geese in the spring. Whereas most guides run large sock spreads. They have found the success rate is much larger when using better and more realistic equipment. All decoy spreads (decoys, blinds, etc.) will be pre-set upon clients arrival and coordinated carefully to achieve the best results for your specific hunt. You will not be responsible for set up or pick up. They solely just want you to focus on enjoying your trip and grilling your goose.

What to Bring

• Weapon and ammunition
• Waterfowl stamps and state licenses
• Climate appropriate clothing
• Ear protection
• Sunglasses/eyewear
• Hat/headwear
• Camera

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