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3-Day Free-Range Aoudad Hunt near Juno, Texas

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LIMITED INVENTORY;Spend three days on a fully-guided aoudad hunt on a large ranch in southwest Texas with comfortable lodging included. There are only a few spots at the low, low price of $3450. Reserve your dates today for 2017 with an initial deposit of $500. Only ten spots are available for 2017.

3-Day Free-Range Aoudad Hunt near Juno, Texas


Guided, free range aoudad hunting on private low fence family ranch for $3,450.

Aoudad hunting is a thrilling and rewarding big game hunting experience. Gunn&Hook offers a limited number of quality guided hunts that provide the rewarding trophy and the geographical location certain to rejuvenate your soul. Ten spots remain for the upcoming 2017 season. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity today!

Aoudad, also referred to as Barbary Sheep

Indigenous to the Atlas Mountains and Barbary Coast of Northern Africa, aoudad sheep, commonly referred to as Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), were introduced into the Northern Panhandle and Trans-Pecos mountain regions of Texas in the late 1950's (as well New Mexico during this same time). Mature rams can weigh up to 350 pounds with horns exceeding 34 inches in length. The more common male horn length is between 26 inches to 32 inches (range of 14 inches to 36 inches). Female horns can sometimes be larger than the males! The female size range is 12 inches to 37 inches. Males can measure in height from 36 inches to 39 inches. Aoudad have exceptional eyesight and a heightened sense of smell that makes them one of the most challenging big game animals in North America. The aoudad evenly bridge the biological distance between sheep (50% of their blood) and goat (50% of their blood) and have traits of both sheep and goat but are not a hybrid.

Jarrett Juno Ranch, JJR

Located in the northern portion of Val Verde County just south of Sonora,Texas and I-10, Jarrett Juno Ranch offers the ultimate Aoudad hunting experience through a limited number of hunts each year and at a great value! You will be hunting and staying on over 9,000 acres of private low fence ranch land combining safari style (from a vehicle) with spot and stalk hunting techniques. Expect to hunt the seemingly limitless canyons that span the property, glassing for groups of aoudad from ridge tops or from the road system, which can be accessed by your guide and his vehicle.

Once a good ram is spotted, hunters should expect to approach by foot, with typical shot distances of 200 to 300 yards. Rifles in the .30 caliber range are recommended plus good optics. Visiting hunters will experience a tenured working family ranch that is located in some of the most scenic land Texas has to offer and has been under the same family ownership for almost 100 years. Our "Juno Hills" with changes in elevation of over 650 feet make these hunts a true sheep hunters delight and possibly one of the best sheep hunting values found on the hunting market today. With other aoudad hunts charging for trophy fees plus base packages starting at over $4,000 we welcome you to a value hunt with us for $2,975 including guiding and lodging. More details below on what is included and what is not.

Our Aoudad Population

JJR generally offers up to eight or 10 trophy Aoudad rams each year, two more hunts remain for 2015 and six hunts are still available for 2016. We usually have had two or three return hunters which reduces the availability even lower. The Jarrett Juno Ranch / JJR is not a high fenced game business. We are a low fence diversified working family ranch. We won't be building a large scale exotic hunting operation, but we will host quality outdoorsman who seek a successful big game hunt in pursuit of aoudad. You will talk directly to ownership to book your hunt. Your hunting guide has been associated with this specific ranch for many years. We perform an aerial survey of our aoudad herd numbers (in addition to other surveys of other animals) in order to set our maximum number of harvested trophy rams.

Aoudad are on the ranch because they love our low fence country and our herd is large throughout the ranch. JJR hosts all three of the distinctive sub species; Moroccan (90% of the ones hunted), Algerian and Egyptian (which until recently was thought to be extinct). Aoudad have two sets of horn styles and we host animals carrying both; the long sweeping "turning back horn" and the most common big "curvey" / "half moon" with end point of horn going down (which can rub calluses on their shoulder blade). Goals of our wildlife management system fosters a calm herd. It is possible but not guaranteed that your hunt could include culling additional numbers from our aoudad herd at no charge. Whether you are looking for the characteristic high measuring horns, huge horn bases or the impressive neck mane and chaps you have found the right ranch to book your aoudad hunt.

When to Book

Although aoudad may be hunted year round in Texas (no set open season, but you will need a hunting state hunting license), the primary season will range from the late September rut through April of each year. Fall hunts are often hot and humid, with temperatures in the mid 80s, while winter hunts have cooler weather. Hunters of all physical abilities can hunt effectively here. However, it is advisable to be in relatively good shape, as it may be necessary to do some hiking in rough terrain to pursue the best opportunities. If you are taking medications and or under the care of doctor(s) please provide your doctor with all the details of your hunt and alert us of your conditions including allergies of any kind.

Give us a call or email! Reserve one of the best sheep hunting trips available. Contact us for a current reference list or to consult with us about physical preparation and limitations for this trip. Experience the free-range hunting difference - 100% fair chase aoudad sheep hunting on the Jarrett Juno Ranch.

Aoudad Sheep Hunting Trip Includes

• Three days hunting
• Four nights lodging
• 2x1 guide or 1x1 guide depending on numbers
• Field care of trophies
• All guiding services
• Accommodations during the hunt
• No up charges for high scoring or high measuring trophy rams

Not Included in Aoudad Sheep Hunting Trip

• Three meals daily *see meal plan for choices • Personal snacks & drinks
• Alcoholic beverages
• Personal, specific needs and gear
• Valid Texas hunting licenses
• Gratuities, tip for your guide
• Airport pickup
• Expediting of trophies to taxidermists
• Driving directions will be provided after booking. Vehicles with 4WD are not necessary
• Non Hunting Activities offered on the ranch

Additional Hunting Seasons & Fishing Seasons could overlap your trip and be available depending on time of year
Javelina on JJR
Hog on JJR
Predator on JJR
Dove on JJR
Quail on JJR
Fishing (Lake Amistand and Devils River) off site, not on JJR
• Other Exotics and Whitetail Deer off site, not on JJR
• Non-hunting guests are welcome ($150) which would include the additional meal plan listed below. We would need to discuss in details the expectations of the non-hunter before - during - after your hunt.

What to Bring

• Texas hunting license
• Weapon of choice (rifle, bow and pistol are allowed
• Ammo/arrows
• Climate appropriate camouflage clothing
• Comfortable, durable boots
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Ear protection
• Bag/backpack
• Personal care items
• Camera or GoPro

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