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3-Day All-Inclusive Offshore Fishing Trip for 2 on Cedros Island, Mexico

Outfitter: Gunn&Hook Exclusive Adventures

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Experience the finest fishing excursion on the waters of Cedros Island in Baja Mexico where yellowtail, giant black sea bass, white sea bass, grouper, calico bass and other species swim in abundance. With first-class ocean front lodging, meals and a private plane flight to and from the island included, you simply cannot treat yourself to a better island fishing trip.

This is the only outfitter that will transport you across the border to Cedros Island, via bus and private plane, and have you out fishing the same day. This trip will more than satisfy those looking for a genuine Baja fishing experience, without crowds or long offshore boat rides, while still enjoying many of the comforts of home at a first-class, private lodge. Every guest will stay in a spectacular ocean front room and be served fresh homemade meals for an overall exquisite fishing experience unlike any other trip you've been on.

About the Outfitter

This outfitter has taken more than a thousand people to Cedros Island and other locations in Baja Mexico over the past several years and their highly experienced guides and first-class service keep guest coming back each year. Guides will handle all of your equipment and strive to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. With this outfitter's years of knowledge and passion for fishing, you are guaranteed to have a great experience and a successful fishing trip to boot.


This private fishing lodge is the ultimate escape from your day-to-day routine with first-class service, fresh cooked cuisine, beautiful views of the ocean and convenient access to where you will be fishing. Some of the rooms at this lodge have three full-sized beds to accommodate groups of three who prefer to stay together. If you prefer to be alone, there is a single room surcharge of $50 per day (subject to availability). Don't just take it from us, listen to what their other guests have to say.

“The beds are new, doubles (or queens) and are great quality with nice thread count linens. Hot water in the shower is “immediate” to conserve water. The “help” is everywhere. This is far from roughing it… The crew carries rods and packs to the truck that takes you to the marina and puts the gear on the boat for you with coolers of drinks, and when you return, they grab all tackle bags and rods for the ride home. Rod racks are outside the rooms and outfits are gently washed and wiped down each day. Very nice. First class.” - Pat McDonald of Western Outdoor News.

General Itinerary

This is a very general outline, for reference only. Arrival and departure times are subject to weather and plane schedules. The plane schedule varies, but if you can’t get on the water the first day, this outfitter will send you out the morning of the last day instead.

This outfitter will adhere to your travel day schedules as much as possible and keep you updated regarding any changes. While on Cedros Island, fishing and eco-tour activities will be arranged according to each group’s preferences. This is your trip so feel free to let this outfitter know exactly what you would like to participate in so they can provide you with with best experience possible.

Day 1
9:30 AM – Meet private bus transportation in San Ysidro, California at the Starbucks in the Plaza de Las Americas. Please don’t unload your gear from your vehicles until the van arrives.
10:00 AM – Leave in van/bus for Ensenada, Mexico.
11:30 AM – Arrive in Ensenada. You may tell the van driver if you would like to stop for anything like snacks or to exchange money. If there is extra time you might be able to eat tacos!
12:00 PM – Arrive at Ensenada airport.
1:00 PM – Board plane.
3:00 – 3:30 PM – Arrive to Cedros Island and check in to the lodge. You may request a quick lunch there or take something to go.
4:00 – 6:00 PM- Fishing trip or expedition activity.
7:00 PM – Eat dinner and decide on itinerary for the following day.
(Plane departures and arrivals are variable, but this outfitter will try to give you as many hours of fishing as possible during your trip)

Day 2 (or 3,4 or 5)
5:30 AM - Coffee for early birds.
6:00-7:00 AM – Eat breakfast at the lodge.
6:30 AM (or later) - Fishing or expedition activities begin (start time to be determined by group preferences).
12:00PM – Eat lunch to-go on boat or if you prefer to eat at lodge, let staff know before going out in A.M.
6:00 PM – Return to port.
8:00 PM – Dinner and itinerary decisions for following day.

Departure Day
5:30 AM - Coffee
6:00-7:00 AM- Breakfast in lodge's restaurant.
8:00 AM – Leave hotel to go to Cedros airport.
9:00 AM – Plane leaves Cedros Island.
11:00 AM – Plane arrives Ensenada, BC.
11:30 AM – Van/bus leaves for US / San Diego / San Ysidro, CA.
1:30 PM (approximate time only!) - Van arrives in Tijuana / San Ysidro border crossing line**.
** Please note that the Mexico / U.S. border crossing time is impossible to predict with complete accuracy. The average is 1-1.5 hours under the best conditions. However, on busy days (especially holidays) the crossing can take up to 3 hours or more.

If you have connecting flights or other pressing business, please allow extra time for the return trip! This outfitter cannot be responsible for missed connections.

Cedros Island Fishing Package Includes:

• Mexico yellowtail fishing with experienced bilingual guides.
• All transportation round trip from Brown Field airport in San Diego with one of our private plane rental packages. Open charters normally depart from San Ysidro, CA. For groups of 6 or more, pick up can be anywhere in Southern California (surcharge may apply).
• Transportation while on Cedros Island back and forth from airport and port to the lodge. If you want to get to town at other times, this outfitter will take you if they have a vehicle and driver available or it is a ten minute walk to the center of town.
• Experienced and knowledgeable local boat drivers. They know the best spots and you may fish from early morning until 6:00 PM.
• Comfortable accommodations with an ocean front view at a new private lodge.
• All meals while on the island (breakfast, lunch to go on boats or at the lodge and dinner). Meals are served family-style but are customizable. Just ask! The kitchen is always open for clients. If you want snacks or to cook something after hours, you may help yourself!
• Purified water and sodas on the hotel and boats.
• Friendly staff to prepare your meals, clean rooms, take you fishing and make sure everything is running smoothly.
• Filleting and freezing of your catch ready to take home. Fish will be frozen in Ziplock bags while you’re on the island. This outfitter will provide cooler bags for lightweight transporting of your fish back to the U.S. Vacuum sealing available for $1 per bag (2-3 lbs.).
• Free WIFI in all the rooms.

Cedros Fishing Package Does Not Include:

• Mexican fishing license (1 week).
• Mexican Tourist Permit for US citizens (about $28; you’ll buy this at the stop you'll make at the border crossing or if on a charter from the US when your plane stops to clear customs)
• Beer/wine/alcoholic beverages (you may bring or purchase on the island).
• Fishing gear; however this lodge has great, new gear you can rent on the island for $10 per day for a rod and reel.
• Gratuities; tips should reflect the level of service you received. An average gratuity is around 7-8% of your total package price.
• Oversized baggage fee for rods; currently the first rod is free, the second and third rods cost 300 pesos (about $23) and additional rods are 200 pesos (about $15).

What to Bring

• Rods and reels
• Mexican fishing license (1 week)
• Money for tourist permit and gratuities.
• Climate appropriate clothing
• Slip resistant shoes
• Jacket
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Personal care items
• Camera
• Alcohol if desired

Transporting Gear

For transporting rods on the plane from Ensenada you must remove reels from rods and rods from holders. Rod containers are not allowed on the plane. It is highly recommended to protect the tips of your gear with cloth or foam. The pipe used for insulation is perfect and cheap and may be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes. It is also recommended to bundle the rods together, but do not bundle more than two rods together.


• Exclusive pricing only available through Gunn&Hook!
• Three-day, fully-guided fishing trip on Cedros Island, Mexico.
• Two-person island fishing excursion off Baja California.
• All-inclusive trip with meals and lodging in an ocean front room.
• Private plane flight to and from Cedros Island included.
• First-class service and highly experienced guides.
• Have questions? Call (855) 486-4665 to speak with one of our booking specialists now!

Special Terms

• Offer valid through Dec. 31, 2015.
• Price is for two anglers.
• Individual anglers and groups can be accommodated.
• Three anglers per panga on 27-28 foot super pangas or you can fish two per panga for a surcharge of $50 per person, per day, subject to availability. Please be aware, if you are traveling in an even numbered group, you may have to break up your party into different boats unless you reserve two per panga or elect to have more than three in your boat.
• Weight allowance for Ensenada flights is up to 50 lbs (luggage, gear and fish) free of charge on your flight.
• First rod per angler is free. Additional rods may require an additional fee.
• Mexican fishing license and tourist permit ($28) are required.

Want to add days or anglers? Book now and take 10% off the listed price!

Package for 3 people / 1 plane / 1 panga / double or triple occupancy room:
$5700 – 3 days fishing / 2 nights
$6480 – 4 days fishing / 3 nights
$7200 – 5 days fishing / 4 nights
$8100 – 6 days fishing / 5 nights
$9000 – 7 days fishing / 6 nights

Package for 2 people / 1 plane / 1 panga / double occupancy room:
$4900 – 3 days fishing / 2 nights
$5600 – 4 days fishing / 3 nights
$6300 – 5 days fishing / 4 nights
$7100 – 6 days fishing / 5nights
$7800 – 7 days fishing / 6 nights

Please call 1-855-GUN-HOOK to discuss these additional options.

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• Exclusive pricing only available through Gunn&Hook!
• Three-day, fully-guided fishing trip on Cedros Island, Mexico.
• Two-person island fishing excursion off Baja California.
• All-inclusive trip with meals and lodging in an ocean front room.
• Private plane flight to and from Cedros Island included.
• First-class service and highly experienced guides.
• Have questions? Call (855) 486-4665 to speak with one of our booking specialists now!

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