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3-Day Fishing Adventure for 2 at Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Outfitter: Gunn&Hook Exclusive Adventures

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You and a guest will enjoy three days and four nights all inclusive lodging and some of the best guided freshwater fishing Alaska has to offer.

You and a guest will enjoy three days of some of the best guided freshwater fishing Alaska has to offer along with four nights all inclusive lodging.

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is located in the lush rain forest of Prince of Wales Island just 35 minutes from Ketchikan in Southeast Alaska. This world-class fishing lodge bears the elite Orvis fly fishing lodge endorsement — demonstrating its exceptional fishing, facilities and commitment to excellence as one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska. Three times voted “Lodge of the Year,” this breathtaking resort has been dubbed “King of Alaska Fishing Lodges.”

Our Orvis endorsed guides lead daily freshwater excursions with your choice of 23 lakes rivers and streams nearby. There are also U.S. Coast Guard certified skippers who charter our 28-foot fishing boats for saltwater adventures — targeting halibut, king salmon, silver salmon and several other species. The saltwater excursions are available for an additional charge.

At Boardwalk, it’s not just the fishing — there’s something for everyone. Many guests enjoy a host of non-fishing adventures for individuals, couples, families and large groups alike. The lodge staff works tirelessly to ensure your Alaska adventure is most memorable.

Freshwater fishing, both spin casting and fly fishing, at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge is world-class in nearby rivers, lakes and streams, with easy access to 23 select waterways on breathtaking Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Many of these neighboring waters are only fished when Boardwalk Lodge guests venture out, allowing you to cast and catch in solitude. The Island’s largest river, The Thorne, is just up the road from the lodge property on Thorne Bay. Freshwater fishing trips are easily accessed on the Island with our fleet of Suburbans. While this makes fly-out trips completely unnecessary, we do make fly-outs available for an additional cost.

Use of the lodge’s premium Lamiglas® rods, Shimano® reels, Orvis® waders and wading boots, and wet weather gear is included in your lodge package. We supply you with a wide range of equipment to fit the conditions and to meet your needs. Yet, while our equipment and tackle is all-inclusive to your stay, you may find helpful information below for packing along the time-tested freshwater fishing gear you just can’t do without. Our experienced Alaska fishing guides – one for every two anglers in Steelhead season – will lead you to the most productive fishing holes on the Island.

Our native Alaska fish species include: Steelhead Fishing Cutthroat Trout Fishing Dolly Varden Fishing Silver Salmon Fishing (Coho Salmon) Pink Salmon Fishing (Humpies) Chum Salmon Fishing (Dog Salmon) Sockeye Salmon Fishing (Red Salmon)

Note that all fly fishing equipment, including rods, reels, flies, waders, and boots are all part of your lodge package at no additional cost.

Trout Fishing

Imagine catching wild Steelhead, Alaska’s sea-run Rainbow Trout, not hatchery fish. Southeast Alaska’s trophy-class lunkers are typically in the 29-37 inch range on Prince of Wales Island! These are powerful, fierce fighters that will have your rod pulsing and straining to meet the water.  Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge accommodates hearty Steelheaders looking to land some of these rare, trophy Steelies during peak Steelhead fishing from May 1 through May 31.

For spin casting, we recommend a 7-8 foot medium rod with a medium weight reel. Good lures are egg imitators and #2-3 Mepps Aglia (fluorescent red or gold). Dolly Varden Char and Cutthroat Trout Dolly Varden and Cutthroat Trout are plentiful in nearby lakes and streams, providing year-round excitement. Most Cutthroat and Dollies range from 10-21 inches. These tenacious trout and char leave no shortage of action – you may find yourself catching and releasing till your arms give out!

Recommendations for successful trout fishing on the Island include a light action rod and reel, with an assortment of spinners (size 0-3), jigs and spoons (size 1/8 oz.).

Salmon Fishing

Non-stop battles heat up in July with Coho and Sockeye Salmon runs, followed by a sea of Pink and Chum Salmon in August. The vast majority of these fish have never seen an artificial lure, much less taken one. Both skilled and novice fisherman will need to brace themselves for the thrill of a lifetime when these trophy Salmon hit. The fight is non-stop and the sheer rod-bending action is exhilarating! Silver Salmon Fishing Silvers, or Coho salmon, are hard fighters and can provide intense action. The Coho average 12-15 pounds, but can be found weighing in at over 20 pounds. These salmon are most plentiful from late July through September.

Southeast Alaska’s Coho Salmon fishing is best approached with a heavy action rod and reel. Popular lures include #3 and #4 Blue Fox Vibrax spinners (silver, orange and green), 1/4 and 1/2 oz. Blue Fox Pixie spoons (orange and green), and various Mepps spinners in sizes 3 and 4. Pink Salmon Fishing These are the smallest and most abundant salmon in area waters. Pinks have a two-year life cycle and average 3-5 pounds. Upon entering freshwater streams, pinks develop a dorsal hump, thus their nickname “Humpy.” Saltwater Humpy fishing is best during July and August. Spin casting gear for Pink Salmon should consist of a light action rod and reel. Popular lures include #3 and #4 Blue Fox Vibrax spinners (silver, orange and green), 1/4 and 1/2 oz. Blue Fox Pixie spoons (orange and green), and various Mepps spinners in sizes 3 and 4.

Chum Salmon Fishing

Often called Dog salmon, Chums are famous for their strength and large teeth, which develop most prominently in males upon entering fresh water. Chum salmon fishing is readily available mid-July through August. These salmon average 15 pounds with an occasional lunker topping 25 pounds. Standard fishing gear for Dog Salmon mirrors that of Coho Salmon: heavy action rods and reels. Popular lures include #3 and #4 Blue Fox Vibrax spinners (silver, orange and green), 1/4 and 1/2 oz. Blue Fox Pixie spoons (orange and green), and various Mepps spinners in sizes 3 and 4.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Also called Red salmon, Sockeyes are the most difficult salmon to catch in area waters. Frequently bare red hooks – this is no fish tale! – are among the best lures to attract these wary salmon. When the bite is on, Red Salmon are highly regarded for their fighting skill. Heavy action gear is essential to combat the explosive runs these salmon take.

Adventure is never in short supply at Boardwalk. When your casting arm grows tired, toss in a line aboard one of Boardwalk’s 26- and 27-foot heated cabin cruisers.

Lodge Dining

Fine food meets fantastic fishing! Beverages are included.

This is no franks and beans camp. We take gourmet fare seriously and lodge chefs pride themselves on tantalizing your taste buds! Our culinary staff is carefully chosen to make your dining experience as enjoyable as the breathtaking scenery and phenomenal fishing here in Southeast Alaska.

Each day we start off with breakfast made-to-order and end your day with a delectable entree, then deliver a delightful dessert to end a perfect day.

House wine, beer and soft drinks are served with each meal. We would be happy to accommodate your request for specialty wines and mixed drinks at an additional cost. Advanced notice of your particular needs will help us prepare for your stay.

Given the limited number of guests at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge, our staff of classically trained culinary experts will make you feel as though you have your own personal chef. Like everything else you will experience while at the Boardwalk Lodge, our food and beverage offerings will delight your senses and enrich enjoyment of your Alaskan experience. In addition our attentive and friendly service staff is equally eager to please and aspires to provide for guests’ needs before they are expressed.

Executive Chef Jeff Brady draws from a number of culinary styles and methods to create a wide range of delicious and attractive signature offerings that make use of local ingredients in season and elegantly reflect the rugged and aesthetic beauty of Southeast Alaska.

Hearty and delicious breakfast selections are the key to a great start in the Alaskan wilderness. Enjoy pancakes, homemade cereals, and fresh breads and muffins – often prepared with locally grown, fresh-picked, wild berries. High protein selections include omelets, (try the crab and cheese omelet… Wow!), eggs cooked to order, and a wide selection of breakfast meats and sausages. Beverages include gourmet coffees and teas, hot chocolate, a selection of juices, milk and smoothies.

How do you create a sumptuous, moveable feast for guests who are out on boats or sitting on the bank of a river? This is the question that Chef Jeff and his staff are continuously working to answer. They have developed a daily lunch buffet from which guests select a wide variety of nutritious and tasty snacks, sandwich items, drinks, fruit, and freshly baked homemade cookies to create a lunch meal that suits their own tastes and convenience preferences. As in all his offerings, Chef Jeff is constantly testing and trying new ideas and menu items that will result in pleasant surprises for his guests.

The Hors d’oeuvres Reception is from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. To prepare for this daily event, all of our boats and freshwater guides return to the lodge with their guests at 5 p.m. At that time, guests have a chance to freshen up from a long day of fishing or sightseeing while their guides and dock staff unload and prepare fish for freezing, and the culinary staff prepares a selection of hors d’oeuvres and beverages. At this reception, guests often are forced to make a choice between filling up on the delicious appetizers and saving room for dinner. We strongly advise saving room.

Dinner is the meal where our culinary staff really shines! Here their creativity and expertise show even more dramatically; and your Alaskan dining experience is raised to a whole new level. Chef Jeff creates the evening’s menu each morning. This allows for guest preferences, seasonally available ingredients and the fresh catch of the day to be utilized in creating a menu to fit the ever changing moods of Southeast Alaska. Often times, changes are made at the last minute to take advantage of these gifts from nature (or the chef’s fancy!).

Your dinner experience begins with a tantalizing first course. Soup nights delight with a variety of soups, like our delicious Thorne Bay Clam Chowder, French Onion, Roasted Tomato Basi and Halibut Gazpacho. On alternate days, a simple and elegant salad course will be served such as Grilled Artichoke Hearts, Smoked Wild Salmon and Roasted Garlic Aioli; Summer salad with shaved Red Onion, Cucumbers and Gorgonzola crisps, Strawberry Vinaigrette and candied Walnuts; or Boardwalk’s famous House salad.

Entrees include Alder Smoked Prime Rib, pan seared fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon, sesame crusted Alaskan Halibut, rosemary Chicken Breast, and citrus maple Glazed Pork Loin, with such accompaniments as fettuccini with a roasted red pepper cream sauce, sweet chili rice, creamy basil polenta, roasted garlicky cauliflower and summer vegetables.

Finishers include Molten Chocolate Cake, New York Style Apricot swirl Cheesecake, Mango Panna Cotta, and triple Chocolate Brownie Sundays with a scoop of Huckleberry Ice Cream.

Will you or a member of your group have a birthday or an anniversary or other special event while at the lodge? Let us know and then plan on great surprises for that person, compliments of Chef Jeff and his crew.

We are also happy to accommodate special dietary needs with advance notice.

Beverage Service: During the day: Boat coolers are stocked with your choice of soft drinks, bottled water and popular beer brands. Both wine and beer are also available free of charge throughout the evening. Our bar charges $6.50 each for mixed drinks ($12.00 for a double).

Lodge Rooms

The two guest lodges sit on 26 acres of prime oceanfront property overlooking a solitary tidal inlet of Thorne Bay, Alaska. These lodges comfortably accommodate up to 19 guests. Our suites at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge have been described as “rustic elegance.” Each suite is tastefully furnished and ensures your comfortable stay with us.

Wheelchair Accessible

We do maintain suites, and fishing vessels, that are wheelchair accessible. We would be happy to accommodate your special request. Advanced notice of your particular needs will help us prepare for your optimum enjoyment and well being.

On Site Amenities and Activities 

Jacuzzi, mountain bikes, kayaks, fire pit, DVD players and movies, Sony Playstation and games, board games, horseshoes, internet access, computer access, projector and screen, digital cameras, camcorders, and meeting area.


• Three day fishing adventure for two at Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge.
• 3-time "Lodge of the Year" winner.
• Orvis Endorsed Lodge.
• Gourmet cuisine.
• Top gear provided.
• All-inclusive.
• Wonderful weather.
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

Special Terms

  • Additional nights are $800 each.
  • *There will be an additional 50% per night surcharge for single occupancy.
  • This package includes daily guided freshwater excursions. Guests must pay extra for any saltwater trips.
  • **Fewer than 4 guests per saltwater vessel are subject to an additional per day fee of $250 for each vacant seat.
  • ***Liquor and staff gratuities not included.

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• Three day fishing adventure for two at Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge.
• 3-time "Lodge of the Year" winner.
• Orvis Endorsed Lodge.
• Gourmet cuisine.
• Top gear provided.
• All-inclusive.
• Wonderful weather.
• Call 1-855-GUN-HOOK for more details.

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