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2-Hour Shooting Range Package in Fort Worth, Texas

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Spend two hours with up to three people at premier shooting range in Fort Worth, Texas!

2-Hour Shooting Range Package in Fort Worth, Texas

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Back in 2005 we had grown tired of buying guns and not shooting them, so we built a State-Of-The-Art* pistol and rifle range with seven indoor lanes, completely air conditioned to stave off the extreme weather conditions in North Texas. Our customers and our Range Officer appreciate this.

Yep. We have a full-time Range Officer on staff to keep you safe and educated. He passed a basic IQ test, and has memorized most of the alphabet, as well as the primary colors, but more importantly can give you expert advice on all handguns and show you the proper grip and safety handling. As you enter our range you will see a glass case with 70+ pistols on display, a viewing window for non-shooters to heckle family members on the range, and most importantly, our only public restroom. We ask that you be gentle in your handling of that last item.

The 70+ pistols are there for you to shoot. They represent almost every brand pistol you can think of in full size, mid-size, and compact versions of standard calibers. We did this because we want you to be sure you are comfortable with a firearm before you buy it. Up to three shooters can share one lane for a single range fee, and if they rent firearms, those can be shared as well.

For one gun rental fee, you can shoot as many guns as you like. If you are bringing your own gun, feel free to bring your own ammo. No hand-loads, and no Iron Curtain or Eastern Bloc stuff with corrosive priming or steel bullets. If our magnet sticks to your ammo box, it doesn't go on the range.

Since semi-automatic pistols tend to fling, very hot castings very quickly and unpredictably, we insist you wear closed-toed shoes while on the range and we also don't allow low-cut shirts or blouses. Your dance moves undoubtedly rock the club, but they don't conform to range safety standards while holding a loaded firearm. You can get a prepaid range punch-card at a discounted rate, so have more cash to spend on non-steel ammo. All of our regulars-both of them- will tell you this is a good idea.

Young folks are welcome to shoot on the range provided: A. They are accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 21 B. The young person in question can see over the shooting counter "State-Of-The-Art Range" sounds a lot cooler than just saying "gun range", but IS fully automated with controls and lighting at your fingertips.

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