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15-Day Leopard and Sable Hunt in Bubye Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe


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Quick Overview

Experience the hunt of a lifetime on this fourteen day leopard and sable safari on the Bubye Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. You will be hunting with one of the most notable and successful outfitters in all of Africa for these two beautiful beasts on a first-class trip unlike any other.

African Hunting Safaris


This safari package includes fifteen days of hunting on the Bubye Valley Conservancy in southern Zimbabwe. You will be able to take one leopard and one sable for this package's price with all meals, lodging and transportation while on site included. All hunting is fully guided using spot and stalk tactics to track and stalk your prey. This outfitter has a 100% success rate on these hunts so you are certain to return home with rare trophies and unforgettable experiences from this hunt of a lifetime.

About the Outfitter

This outfitter has over 30 years of experience hunting in the Zimbabwe and Mozambique area. He is firmly established in this region and considers himself most fortunate to be operating in arguably the finest concession in Africa. Throughout his several years of hunting his passion and excitement has only increased and he enjoys nothing more than sharing these unique and memorable hunting experiences with his clients. Pete Fick Safaris also prides themselves in having over 80% of their business be repeat clients.

Trophy Fees

Leopard – $8,500 + 2% levy/tax
Sable – $6,500 + 2% levy/tax

What to Bring


A maximum of three sets of hunting clothes should be brought as laundry is done daily. It is very important to use colors that blend into the environment such as dark green, khaki or camouflage. NO military clothing or patterns should be worn! A warm jacket and other warm clothes are required during May through September as it can get cold in the evenings and early in the mornings.


Appropriate footwear is also a necessity. You should wear good boots that will be comfortable and quiet during stalking. Recommended brands are Courtney or Russel Boots. Arrangements for Courtney Boots can be made directly with the outfitter for $200 a pair.

Weapons and Ammo

For leopard it is suggested you use a minimum 7mm up to 375. It is imperative to have a good scope as most leopard are taken during darkness.

For sable, the suggested calibers are 7mm to 30.06. A 300 Winchester mag, .338 to .375 is recommended. It is not suggested to use any ultra mag weapons with extra high velocities, such as Weatherby. Average distance shots are at 90 yards and heavier, slower bullets work better in case of shooting through brush.

It is highly recommended that you use only the best brands, such as trophy bonded, swift A frame or Barnes X.

Other Equipment

• Valid passport
• Eye protection/sunglasses
• Ear protection
• Sunscreen
• Binoculars
• Flashlight
• Range finder
• Backpack/bag
• Personal care items
• Camera or GoPro

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