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1-Week Fully-Guided Bull Elk Hunt in Arizona

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Quick Overview

The great state of Arizona is proudly home to some of the finest free range trophy elk hunting out there. No other state, province, or country can compete with Arizona’s elk hunts when it comes to consistently producing world class free range trophy bull elk, year in and year out.

Trophy Elk Hunts in the U.S.


This team of professional Arizona elk hunters will not only give you the opportunity to harvest the elk of a lifetime, they will also maximize your entire hunting experience by leaving no stone unturned in preparation for your trip. If you are fortunate enough to draw a tag for any one of the trophy Arizona elk hunts statewide, this outfitter is your top choice for premium quality Arizona elk guides.

About the Outfitter

This outfitter’s mission is to provide the serious and discriminating trophy elk hunter with premium quality professional guiding for all of the trophy elk hunts available in the state of Arizona. They are a full time year round professional Arizona elk hunting operation that is committed to helping all Arizona elk clients harvest the trophy bull elk of a lifetime. This team is highly experienced, with many decades of combined trophy elk hunting experience and a fantastic track record for producing giant bull elk. The tremendous amount of resources that this company has at its disposal allows them to thoroughly cover all of Arizona’s elk units and elk hunts. Every one of the guides uses only the absolute finest hunting optics and hunting equipment that money can buy on these hunts. Arizona elk tags might only be drawn once in a lifetime for most hunters and the outfitter takes this fact very seriously. You will have a 100% shooting opportunity rate on both the rifle and archery elk hunts. Not everyone kills of course but you will definitely have the opportunity to shoot a mature bull during your hunt if you are in good shape and can hunt hard all 7 days. and can capitalize on your shooting opportunity when one is presented. This ourfitter also has produced over 30 giant bulls that score over 400 inches in Arizona including the current world record P&Y typical bull and the current #3 Longhunter Society non typical muzzleloader bull. All of the elk tags are draw tags but they have both late season rifle and late season archery elk hunts that can be drawn very easily by nonresidents with zero bonus points on their first time applying.

Elk Hunting Seasons

Arizona Archery Elk Hunts in the Rut

The early rut season is the very special time of the year when many of Arizona’s largest trophy bull elk will let their guard down slightly and offer trophy elk hunters the best opportunity available at getting close to them and harvesting a truly giant bull. Regardless of weapon or season, the team of professional Arizona elk guides feels that these early rut season Arizona archery elk hunts are the best Arizona elk hunts to focus your efforts on drawing if your goal is to harvest a giant Arizona bull elk this year.

Arizona Rifle Elk Hunts in the Rut

The next favorite Arizona elk season would be the early rifle rut hunts. These early season Arizona rifle bull elk tags in the rut are extremely difficult to draw, for both Arizona residents and non-residents alike, but they do offer the trophy rifle elk hunter the hands down finest opportunity available to tag a giant Arizona bull elk with a rifle. If you are a rifle elk hunter only, and don’t mind waiting many years or perhaps even decades to draw an ultra premium quality Arizona early season rifle elk tag, these are by far the best trophy elk hunts in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Rifle Elk Hunts

Arizona also offers trophy elk hunters a mid-season rifle bull elk hunt that takes place in mid October. This mid season Arizona rifle bull elk tag is much easier to draw than the Arizona early season rifle bull elk hunts in the rut but, the elk hunting is much more difficult due to a lot of the bull elk being in the post rut period and the bulls starting to move into their late season winter patterns. You can occasionally get on some trophy bull elk that are still bugling during this mid season Arizona rifle bull elk hunt but don’t count on it. However, if you do want to hunt Arizona bull elk with a rifle sooner rather than later, and don’t mind sacrificing some trophy quality for hunting opportunity, then you might want to look into applying for these mid season rifle Arizona bull elk hunts this year.

Arizona Late Season Archery Elk Hunt

These Arizona late season archery elk hunts can be extremely difficult elk hunts, but there are some very attractive features about these late season Arizona archery elk hunts. First, these late season Arizona archery elk tags are relatively easy to draw and can even be drawn every year by non resident archery elk hunters that do not have any bonus points whatsoever for Arizona elk. Second, the hunting pressure from other elk hunters is virtually non existent. Third, these late season Arizona archery elk hunts take place in all of the best trophy elk units in the state of Arizona. If you want to hunt Arizona elk more often, are physically fit, and an experienced archer ready for some very challenging but very rewarding Arizona elk hunting, you might want to give these unique late season Arizona archery bull elk hunts a try this year.

Arizona Late Season Rifle Elk Hunt

The last elk season of the year that Arizona offers is the general late season Arizona rifle bull elk hunts that take place in late November and early December. The outfitter and their hardworking team of professional Arizona elk guides have produced trophy bull elk that score in excess of 400 B&C inches on these late season Arizona elk hunts but consistently harvesting giant bulls of that size on these late season elk hunts is an extremely difficult thing to do. You are going to be rifle hunting for bull elk in Arizona much more frequently by applying for these late season Arizona rifle elk hunts but you are definitely going to be sacrificing a lot of trophy elk quality by applying for these late rifle season Arizona bull elk hunts.

What to Bring

• Weapons and ammo
• Hunting license and tags
• Camouflage clothing
• Comfortable, durable footwear
• Ear protection
• Hat/headwear
• Bag/backpack
• Sunglasses/eyewear
• Personal care items
• Camera

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