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1-Day Spring Turkey Hunt in North Carolina

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This full-day eastern turkey hunt in west North Carolina is a guaranteed good time. This eight-hour excursion will be completely customized to increase your probability for success and to make sure you have a positive experience on your trip.

North Carolina Turkey Hunting

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Your hunt will begin by getting guided into the turkey woods a little before day break and you will hunt until around 11 a.m. At this time you will break for lunch and then return to the woods to continue hunting in the afternoon. Lunch will not be provided. If you do not choose to bring your own lunch then the group can travel to local diners nearby the hunting grounds. This turkey hunt can be executed from ground blinds or on foot, depending on the patterns of the turkeys at that time and your particular preferences. On this trip you will be hunting in the areas surrounding Mars Hill and Burnsville, North Carolina.

The outfitter will provide you with an eight-hour adventure that will be completely customized for your highest probability for success and an overall positive experience. This is the guide's primary goal and he will take every possible approach to insure it is achieved. This guide knows the area and quarry very well and will be equipped with all of the tools they feel are needed for calling and stalking wild turkeys.

About the Guide

This particular outfitter is unique because it is a dedicated group of professional guides that are all either current or former military, law enforcement, fire fighter or park service professionals. Their number one goal is to make sure that you are having a good time while also taking every possible approach for you to have a successful hunt as well. They are willing to custom build a hunt for you so that you are guaranteed to have an exciting adventure and memorable experience to last a lifetime.

Turkeys in North Carolina

The wild turkey remains a favorite game animal for recreational hunters as they are exciting to hunt and their meat is quite lean and delicious. North Carolina has strongly restored the presence of this animal in the region and has taken several steps to make sure their turkey population is thriving. North Carolina is primarily stocked with eastern turkeys as these turkeys thrive best in areas with a mix of forested and open land habitats.

The male eastern wild turkey has dark plumage with striking bronze, copper and green iridescent colors. On the inside of their legs, males have pointed growths known as spurs that they use when battling other males for mates.

What to Bring

• Weapons and ammo
• Rain gear
• Sunglasses/eyewear
• Hats/head wear
• Cold/hot weather gear

The guide is open to making arrangements to receive packages ahead of time to avoid the potential issues of traveling with items like firearms and/or ammunition.

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