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1-Day Duck Hunt for 2 near Stuttgart, Arkansas


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Quick Overview

Hunt the flooded timber and rice fields in the "duck capital of the world" on this one day duck hunt for two people just outside of Stuttgart in Hickory Ridge, Arkansas. You and your fellow hunting companion will see plenty of mallards, gadwall, wigeon and other species to reach your limit on this hunt.

Duck Hunting Trip in Arkansas


Mallards, gadwall, American wigeon and northern pintail are just a few of the duck species that will be harvested during your hunt with this historic and family owned hunting club that was established in 1976. This duck club is located in the heart of the Mississippi flyway – the most heavily used waterfowl migration corridor – just south of the famous Claypool Reservoir. Customer service is the very heart of the family that runs this Duck Club.

About the Claypool Reservoir

The Claypool Reservoir, constructed in 1940 by Wallace Claypool, was built with the purpose of being a hot spot for duck hunting! The reservoir, which covers over 1500 acres, is still a hot spot today and is a very popular place for mallards and many other species of ducks that are coming south for the winter.

What to Bring

• Valid Arkansas hunting license
• Federal and state duck stamp
• 12-, 16- or 20-gauge shotgun and ammo
• Climate appropriate camouflage clothing
• Camouflage jacket, hat and/or face mask
• Waders
• Warm, lined rubber boots
• Cooler
• Freezer bags
• Ice for cooler
• Food and beverages
• Personal care items
• Camera or GoPro

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